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Holiday Diary.  By Planes and Boats and Trains, oh! and Coaches.

What is a holiday? To some, it is flying off to some exotic island to a hectic whirl of sun, sand and bars. To others, it may be the chance to revisit romantic places. Yet again, some may wish to explore far off countries and learn about the different cultures that there are out there. Yet more of us just want to roam around our good old countryside, some by car while other prefer caravanning. To each his own as they say. We are all right in our own choices of holidays. 

It’s a funny old world when the majority of us spend most of the year slaving to save a few extra pounds and then squander it on a fortnight from hell. Or do we? Some just slap it on the plastic, others take out a loan. My wife and I decided, after many, many penniless years to save up first and then go on holiday. Every week without fail we would, and still do, put a set amount in a butter tub, which is our holiday fund. When we have decided where we want to go, we work out how much it will cost and then, because of the set amount, we know how long we have to save up before we can go. Doing it this way though takes such a long time, and again, who’s to say which is the right way? At least, we don’t come home from a holiday to a debt. We also make a point of trying not to travel during school holidays because of the inflated prices and the extra crowds. You can only do what you feel is right for yourselves.

Holiday Diary was never meant to be written for a web site. It started out as a little hard back notebook that I took with me when we took our first trip to California. I just scribbled a few notes about our holiday and never gave it another thought until our next holiday and the rest (as they say) is history. It became an essential part of our luggage wherever we went. It was only at the beginning of this year when I friend of mine suggested that I used all my notes and put them onto the web.

Holiday Diary are sorry if this sounds a little smart assed but we can't think of any other way to introduce holidays. If you still want to know a little more about us after all that rubbish please go to About Us in the Info page.


I'm currently working on our 2 Austrian holidays. I'm doing them both together so that it's not too repetitive. (Not long now. I hope!!)

Are you looking for SOMETHING special for SOMEONE special

I am also trying to sort out some videos. I have put a few on Youtube (not all holiday stuff though)

A short video and a few pics of The Palace of Versailles, Paris, France

Stunt drivers at Disneyland Paris

Rodeo in San Diego 19 days after 9/11

A few quircky pool features in Basle Switzerland

USA Pirate Ship versus British Warship

Equally smart assed mouse

Boat boys begging in the Nile River. Egypt

A pretty smart assed bird

Not the tunnel in the Monaco F1 race.

The Great "Ball" of China


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