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Austria (Part One)

Austria Round about 1994

I will be brief with this little holiday as I haven’t kept a diary of it and my memory is now a bit sketchy.

We had started our holiday life with a cheap holiday to Austria way back in 1994 or somewhere close to then after seeing an advert offering a seven day trip at a very silly price. Just before we went on the trip, the travel company phoned us up saying that the 7 day trip was no longer available and did we want a 10 day trip at the same price. How could we refuse?

After getting up at silly o’clock we joined the coach on a cold morning at 2.30am at Preston Bus Station. It was a 30 hour coach trip which seemed to call at every village and town in England beforeimg009 the ferry across to France. It even called into the middle of a housing estate at a courier’s home to collect Tea, Coffee, Sugar etc. for the journey. We finally arrived, exhausted and bedraggled at our hotel in Maurach near Lake Achensee at 8.30am the following day

After booking in and reporting to our holiday representative (Philippe) we spent the rest of the day trying to catch upon our sleep. Philippe had arranged a ten pin bowling match at a nearby hotel as a “get to know our fellow travellers” evening. It was here where we met Tony and Michelle for the first time. I was the scorer for our bowling team and Michelle was my opposite number on the other team. During the course of the evening, Michelle accused me of cheating a number of times, but only in good fun (I think) and the four of us got along very well.

img014During our first breakfast at the hotel, Philippe was arranging days out so we signed up for some, but not all of them. After breakfast we decided to do a little local exploring and went for a walk around the lake.

I think, at this point, I will just mention that, because we have been to Austria twice and went to a number of the same places on both holidays, I will only write about those visits in the 2009 trip. That way you won’t get too bored!! (I hope).


Salzburg. Sound of Music area. (Twice)

Innsbruck. (Twice) It rained on both trips. Olympic Ski Slope on first trip only.

Coach trip to Italy. Just over the border into either Brennero or Vipiteno Sterzing (take your pick. The only thing I remember about the trip was we were being encouraged to buy wine. The courier must have been on commission from the shops. First trip only.

Mayrhofen. The devil’s bridge (Finkenberg) (Twice)


Austria 2009.

Because we had only taken one week’s holiday so far this year, (the one in Tenerife), we decided that we owed it to ourselves to creep off for another week towards the end of the year. After much soul searching and deliberations, we finally settled for a week in Austria. As we had been before, it was decided that we would take someone else with us and Darren (our son) and his partner Rob were chosen. It’s me being selfish again like in Cyprus, Darren does the driving and I sit back and enjoy the view.

Saturday 12th Sept.

Early start with the taxi picking us up at 4.30 am. Nice ride to the airport, very quick through security etc. then had to put up with a half hour delay due to congestion with air traffic and bad weather over Innsbruck. Immediately after take off, we were told that there would be no tea or coffee served as the caterers didn’t put any on the plane. We weren’t really bothered too much as it’s only a short flight to Innsbruck. It was then a 90 minute coach transfer to Mayrhofen where we soon settled into our very clean and spacious rooms before heading back out again to find a hire car for our wanderings. We had very little choice of car hire companies. One, to be precise. They knew it and charged us an arm and a leg. €350 for a scrappy little Ford Fiesta and for only 5 days. Back into the village and expensive evening meal. We are going to have to be careful with our pennies!!


Sunday 13th Sept.


It was a funny old day today. A lot of wandering back and forward. It started off well enough with an excellent continental breakfast. Bread Rolls, Butter, Honey, Pate, Boiled Eggs, Orange Juice and as much coffee as we could drink. We then went and confirmed the hire car for tomorrow until Friday. After sorting that out, we had a steady stroll to the next village where they were having a





After we all had breakfast it was a brief walk to the garage to collect our hire car. For some reason or other, we had to swop it for a Peugeot 207. (Not to worry, it seems a good little car). Off on our



journey, calling at the Swarovski Museum in Wattens along the way. A fascinating place with some incredibly expensive jewellery for sale in the gift shop.

When we had finished dreaming, it was on to Innsbruck where Diane and I retraced our steps of our original trip here many moons ago. We even found the Golden Roof again. ()n the first trip, we visited the Olympic Ski Ramp. The picture in the gallery is shrouded in rain). On the way back, we detoured via Achensee to see the hotel where we stayed last time. Did I mention that it poured with rain the whole time we were in Innsbruck. It was exactly the same as the first time we went there. (Must stop going there, it's trying to tell us something!)