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Cyprus 2012

It was Diane’s wish to treat both her sisters, Lynne and Annette to a holiday and Cyprus was mentioned. Both sisters jumped at the offer and Lynne said that a friend of hers had an apartment out there and arranged for us to have it at a bargain price. The mention of a “bargain price” was enough to send us scrambling for holiday brochures and we settled on a week at the end of March 2012. After the apartment was sorted, it wasn’t long before we had the flights all organised and paid for. All we had to do was to sit back and wait for the time to go. “NO WAY” In the usual Sanderson tradition, Di’saster struck. Lynne’s partner became very ill and she felt she couldn’t go and leave him. We obviously understood and sympathised. We then had the job of deciding who to invite as Lynne’s replacement. After a few days of sorting through names we all decided to ask Darren (our son). I agreed for an ulterior motive. I said I would agree if Darren did most of the driving. This would give me the opportunity to sit back, enjoy the view and take a few pics and vids. It was settled.

Sunday March 25th 2012

Our brother in law Peter kindly drove us to Manchester Airport, a very uneventful trip. Whilst we were checking in, the receptionist informed us that we were going to Belfast. General amusement all round. It seemed that Lynne and Annette went on a holiday to Ireland and arrived at Belfast instead of Dublin. Nice easy flight out to Cyprus. Collected our hire car at the airport and drove out to Paphos and our apartment for the week. We quickly sorted out the sleeping arrangements and went out again to buy some essentials such as bread, butter, milk, booze, not necessarily in that order. Collected a KFC on the way back to the apartment and ate it as we discussed our plans for the week.


Monday 26th March.

Talk about lazy days. We didn’t get out until 2.00pm. We had planned to call at the post office but it was closed for the day. We went for a drive into the country and followed signs to waterfalls and Adonis Baths. IMGA0039Absolute rubbish. We went back to the apartment in disgust. Fortunately the booze calmed us down and we played quizzes on the TV.


Tuesday 27th March.

IMGA0142The original plan was to get up and out fairly early to go up to Nicosia. No chance, we finally managed to get out at 11.30 am. Quick change of plan and we headed to the Troodos mountains instead. Our sunny Mediterranean holiday suddenly changed into thunder, lightning and violent snow flurries. Well, it made a change. On the whole, I think we all enjoyed the change in the weather. Not too much of it though!


Wednesday 28th March.

It was after 12.00 before we got out today. Luckily we had only planned to drive down into Kato Paphos. WE had a leisurely stroll round the harbour and old fort, getting pestered all the way IMGA0085round by restaurant touts. They were a real pain in the backside. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the Paphos Archaeological Park. On the way back we called at a very nice restaurant called Tea for Two. Very good food at reasonable prices. Then it was back to the apartment for the usual drinks and nibbles.


Thursday 29th March.

Hallelujah, we planned to be up and out by 9.30 am and we actually managed it. Down to the Tea for Two and hearty breakfasts all round before setting off on a two hour drive up to Nicosia. We managed to park up right in the heart of the city by the Paphos Gate just under the old wall. After wandering around for over an hour and exploring the few narrow streets that seemed of some interest, we had a brief chat and decided that it would not be practical to go into the Turkish part of northern Cyprus, mainly because of the time and we were not allowed to take our car over the border. It was also decided that we would head back via Troodos Mountains again and take in Limassol as a bit of a diversion. The mountains were again very snowy. We drove along the coast road instead of the motorway stopping off to view Aphrodite’s Rock. We believe that legend has it this rock marks Aphrodite’s Birthplace. (Any historians please feel free to educate us on this point). Back to base and more drinks etc.


Friday 30th March.

IMGA0153After breakfast, we decided to go west for a change along the coast road. Travelling this way took us through Coral Bay which is supposed to be a very “Up Market” area. There were some very nice properties along the way but the beach was rubbish. Not to worry, on with our journey, we were now heading towards Cape Drepano. I small harbour with the tiniest fishing boats one could imagine. Very quaint, but very cute. We spent some time there before moving on, our aim being to call in at Lara Bay. Another of our typical mistakes. The road turned from a moderately good surface to an unmade gravel track which our little hire car just couldn’t cope with. After scraping the bottom a few times, we held our hands up and admitted defeat. We turned round and returned the same way we came. Back to civilisation and into Paphos to buy a few presents for home.


Saturday 31st March

First things first. Diane and I drove down to Lidl to stock up with booze for taking home and bread for our last breakfast. Once we had all eaten Annette, Darren and I went to the Tomb of the Kings . It was out along the coast and quick interesting. We spent a few hours there before going back to the apartment to pack. We left there at 5.00 pm to drive into Paphos for a last meal at the Tea for Two restaurant before returning the hire car back to the airport and boarding for our flight home. The usual miserable security staff were on duty.



As holidays go, this one was nice and lazy for me. I think the main problem with Cyprus is, with the best will in the world, their archaeological sites do not compare in any way with Egypt and because we have already been to Egypt, Cyprus was a poor second. Having said that, the island is pretty, warm and inviting. Generally speaking the locals were friendly (airport security not included). It is certainly somewhere that I would like to go back to at some time. If you are looking for a “restful” holiday, this is the place.V

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