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France Part Five

Day 9.


Well…. after two excellent nights at a first class camp site, and a lazy day spent wandering round St Tropez, we made up our minds to get as far northwards as we can today to make up for lost time over the last few days. We had a good breakfast during which time we programmed Nigella to get is to a campsite in Sisteron, a couple of hundred miles up the road. Out of the camp gates Nigella instructed us to turn left (West), which we did. I thought it was a little strange as I expected to turn right and then left to head north. Not to worry, I had grown quite confident that Nigella was taking us the right way because of the way it had been behaving over the last few days. However, after half an hour, I was getting rather concerned and decided to turn back towards the camp and start again. We managed to start heading north, going via Le Muy, Draguignan, Castellane and so on. A very uneventful drive up and after a few “Do a U turn when you can” and “Recalculating” messages from Nigella, we managed to find our way to Sisteron and straight into the car park of a tennis club. We weren’t the only ones in there. There was a camper van from Germany already there. We don’t know whether they got there by accident like us or not. We didn’t ask. (Being British, we are well known for being unsociable!!). We settled down for the night after deciding to get up early and get out before the tennis people arrived to kick us out.

Day 9c


Mileage 162 miles (270Km)


Day 10.


We actually got up early today and got off the tennis club car park before anyone arrived and programmed Nigella to get us to Saulieu. Our aim was to motor north via Grenoble and Lyon. We were running short of water again IMGA0449so we had to be careful, I’m sure we were beginning to smell just a bit ha! Ha! We had a very uneventful drive until we got into Saulieu where Nigella sent us into some rather strange places. We stopped a van driver and asked for help. He didn’t speak very good English but we managed to understand each other enough to know that he didn’t know where the camp site was but he rang his Dad on his mobile phone. He didn’t know either. We tried another site only to find only the pitch base marks where it used to be. We asked another young man (Diane said he was very (“dishy”) but he couldn’t help either. Having gone up a dirt road, we found a house and asked the man in there. He guided us towards a site and we managed to find it. What a relief! Water and electric, we felt like we were being spoilt. Having already taken millions of pics (thank heaven for digital cameras) so we haven’t taken many today.

Day 10

Mileage 292 miles (488Km)


Day 11.


As we had got a little ahead of ourselves, we had a lazy start to the day. We decided to get to Versailles so that we could have a good day in the Palace the next day. We programmed Nigella in and off we went. We stopped in IMGA0516Avallon, a pretty little town where we did a bit of shopping for some food and a couple of little presents for Diane’s friends and family. It wasn’t too long before we were on the road again, making good time towards Paris, or to be more accurate, Versailles. Very little traffic on the roads meant that we made good time and Nigella led is straight to the site where we booked in just for the one night.


Mileage 174 Miles (290Km)

Day 11


Day 12.


We were up, had breakfast, showered and shaved (Just me shaving, not Diane) and out by ten thirty. They had told us at reception we could catch a bus directly to the Palace of Versailles which we did and it did indeed drop us off right outside the gates. We queued for ages to get in and then told that we had to pay elsewhere. We got to a pay booth and after another long queue finally paid and got in. There is very little point me trying to describe what we saw and did during our visit to The Grand Palace. We were amazed to find that we could video and take pics almost anywhere inside and out. It is easier to let you see the very short video and slide show pics of the palace. IMGA0654 There is a full sized helicopter covered in what looks like coloured feathers and a pair of rather large stiletto heel shoes made out of saucepans and saucepan lids along with a few other “interesting exhibits”. Needless to say, it took is most of the day to go round. That included a wander round the gardens as well. On the way back, Diane asked if we could spend what was left of the day going into Paris. I kicked and screamed a bit, but worked out that we could stay an extra night at the camp site and spend the next whole day in Paris, which is what we did and to celebrate, we called at the local winery and bought a few drinks….naturally!! See the link below for a short video and some pics of the Palace of Versailles.



You can go to Part Six now.


The Palace of Versailles

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