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France Part Three

Day 3.


Would you believe it, 7.30 in the morning and it felt like we had done all this before, only this time we woke up early to get out of the field before we were chased off by a shotgun wielding farmer. Out on to the open road looking for a layby to have breakfast and a wash and brush up. We found one after about 30 minutes and we settled down to do some reading. Diane going through the French Camping Site Book to try and find out why we ended up outside the Tourist Information Office instead of the camp site, and me trying to understand Nigella (the Sat Nav). After some time, Diane (the smart one) found the solution to our problem (we think). She found that not all the camp sites had addresses in their entry, but they all had Longitude and Latitude figures. I then had the job of working out how to program these figures into the Sat Nav. We finally managed it, well it seemed to accept the figures we put into it. We were eventually on our way and being guided by Nigella. The roads were still very quiet and it made my driving job a lot easier than I was expecting.

After a few hours travelling, somewhere just south of Dijon, we were ready for another “pit stop”. We found quite a large layby that was set well back off the road and parked up at one end of it. As we pulled in, we drove past a young lady sat on a rock. Thinking nothing of it, we got on with making a brew and a quick snack. After a few minutes, a car pulled up next to the young lady and she and the driver appeared to have a brief discussion. She got in the car and they drove off. Only a few minutes later, a different car pulled into the layby and another young lady got out and sat on the same rock. Again, after a minute or two, a car pulled up next to this young lady, had a brief discussion, she got in the car and away they went. Would you believe it, a few moments later, the first car returned, the first lady got out and sat back on the rock again. You’ve guessed it, after a few moments etc. etc. All this happened three times each whilst we were having our drinks and sandwiches. It finally dawned on us that they were prostitutes. It should have occurred to us earlier because we saw one of them holding up five fingers to one of the car drivers as if to say either 5 euros, 50 euros or 5 minutes.  They even walked round the back of our camper van to put something into the waste bin that was there. We can only assume that they were getting rid of used condoms or tissues At one time, even  a couple of gendarmes turned up in their police car and had a chat with one of the young ladies before driving away again. All this in the middle of the afternoon. It certainly gave us an insight into another side of life.

Onward to our destination through the sleepy villages of rural France, Beaune, Chalon sur Saone, Macon to name but a few. We are relying on Nigella to get us to our campsite in Bourg en Bresse.


Hurray!!! We actually arrived right at the gates to the camp which was nearly in the middle of town. It is just after 5.30 and there is a pitch available. We take it and with a great sense of relief we get connected to the mains electric supply, emptied the toilet cassette, dumped the Grey Water (water that we washed and showered with) and refilled our tank with clean water. Oh what bliss! (I had a bit of a problem though because the extension water hose that is in the van has a round connector on it and the water tap hound an oval outlet. St I managed. We got out our folding table and two chairs along with a BBQ set. We began to feel like real campers at last. While Diane was doing the BBQ, I was talking to the couple in the next camper van who suggested that as we were travelling south, it would be nice to cut across country and go via Lake Annecy and along the edge of the French Alps. All in all, a successful day. AND SO TO BED AHHH!

Mileage 247 Miles (413 Km)

Day 3

Day 3


Day 4.


After such a good day yesterday, it seemed only right that we should have a good lie in so we didn’t get up until about 9.30. After washing and having breakfast we finally attempted to leave the site at around 11.30only to find

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy

that the barrier was down, security code locked and no one in reception. Quick panic, but I remembered that there was a code on some paperwork that they gave us when we checked in. It worked and we were out. Once we had got away from the town, it was the usual search for a decent layby to stop and look in the camping site book for a site for tonight. Originally, we were going to head for Nice but after what we were told by our neighbours last night we decided to detour east across to Lake Annecy and then south to a small town called Vizille that Diane had picked out of the camp site book. It was a pleasant drive to Lake Annecy, getting there mid afternoon. We drove along the bank of the lake for most of its length before turning south east and heading through the French Alps towards our next overnight stop. We arrived early evening in Vizille and Nigella almost got us to the site, but we managed to find it anyway. It wasn’t a very nice looking site and we couldn’t find anywhere to book in so we just pulled onto one of the vacant plots and made ourselves at home. Guess what? No electrics and no water! Still, we had enough to last us for the night. We were going to have a BBQ again but it was by this time raining, so just a sandwich and swift drinks before early to bed.

Mileage 159 miles (265Km)

Do you fancy Part Four?

Day 4

Day 4

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