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Kefalonia Part One

Kefalonia 1999.

It was my brother Roy (who has since very sadly died) who talked us into going to Kefalonia. He and his family had already booked to go there. They were very fond of the Greek Islands and they waxed lyrical during one of our meals together suggesting that we should go with them. On the way home Diane and I talked about going with them. On the spur of the moment we decided to go. We talked to Roy who suggested that we go through the same travel agent as them because of the deal that he had got for a group. (There must have been about twelve of them).As it turned out, we flew out before them and returned after them on the same days, so all in all, we actually had longer on the island than they did.

Day 1.

We arrived on the island at 10.55am local time, where, after going through customs, a coach was waiting to take us to our apartment Our apartment was only about a hundred yards from the sea although rather basic on the edge of a large village called Lassi. After unpacking and having a quick look round the immediate area we set off to find Roy’s apartment. It took us over three hours and it was up a very steep hill. It was over half a mile from the beach so we had scored again!! They had a bigger and better apartment than us though. It was, by now getting quite late, so we all decided that we would meet up in the morning so that we could all go to a welcome meeting at the tour operator’s office.

Day 2.

We had the usual talk about local customs and how we should respect them, which is only fair, but felt were rather obvious. They gave us plenty of paperwork and maps etc to help us navigate the island. We were warned very strongly about the dangers of hiring and riding scooters on the island. We can only assume that they were on a bung from the local car hire companies. Once we had escaped from there, Roy, Rita, Diane and I went on to a local bar for lunch and the usual drinks. It was Diane’s birthday so we went out in the evening along the coast road to a restaurant called Oscars. It had a very good reputation so we thought it would be worth a visit. The meals were fairly ordinary but the entertainment was very good. They had fire round some of the tables and the waiters danced on them. All very spectacular. We managed to weave our way back to the apartment.

Day 3.

Roy and I went out to find scooters to rent. Roy was a keen motorcyclist so I thought he would be useful when hiring the scooters. Because of the gang, we were in a position to negotiate for the hire of three scooters for the remaining twelve days. They cost us 30,000 Drachma which was about £60 each. Had a great first day on it. It was the first time in thirty five years that I had ridden on two wheels (I was a despatch rider in the army for a while in Malaya) and Diane had never ridden on one in her life.

Day 4.

After breakfast, we walked into Argostoli (the capital of Kefalonia) to try and find Diane some trousers and long sleeved blouses. We failed as usual so we took the ferry over to Lixouri. A very pretty little town, we stayed and had some lunch there and after a good look round we came back on the ferry and met Roy, Rita and their gang already on it. We dined at a different restaurant today. The food was nice but nothing in the way of entertainment.

Day 5.

Just like we normally do, we lazed about in the morning before setting off on our trusty steed (the scooter) in search of presents and postcards to send to all and sundry. We found a couple of very pleasant, secluded beaches. Came back to the apartment and retired after the usual drinks.

Day 6.

After I cooked us a full English breakfast we set off to go to Sami which is a fairly large village on the other side of the island. There is a quite a large hill in the middle of the island and we had very little choice but to go over it. Quite surprisingly the trusty scooter managed very well with both of us on it.

We had lunch and a good walk round before heading for Melissani Caves. This is a large underground cave with a very big lake inside it. There is a hole in the ceiling which lets in the light and as the water is crystal clear it made a very nice setting for the boat ride we took in there. In my wisdom, I decided to go back to Argostoli a different way. I obviously got lost and as the road slowly turned into an unmade, very rutted track, we had no alternative but to turn back to Sami and go back the way we came. We dined back in Argostoli at a restaurant called Diana’s which we found to be very good and right on the waterfront. We actually saw some dolphins swimming in the bay. After doing some more shopping for a few bits and pieces to take home and some more food (well we are self catering) we made our way back to the apartment for the night.

Day 7.

Very little to report today. We went to the beach and had a nice long stroll and a paddle in the sea. Diane swims a little but I have never had the interest or inclination to swim. Had lunch in our apartment then back out for a wander round Lassi, basically sightseeing then on to Oscars for our evening meal where we met Roy and the gang. The food was up to the usual good standard but the music was rather too loud so we said our goodnights and went back for the usual drinks and bed.

Part Two is now on.

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