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Kefalonia Part Two

Day 8

We had been talking to Roy about where to eat and he had said he had heard about a Taverna up in the hills somewhere who are supposed to cook the best BBQ ribs on the island. We were given the mission to find it and book a table. Well, off we went, full of enthusiasm without a clue which way to go or what really to look for. All we could do was literally head for the hills. The roads started off alright but as we started to climb into the hills, the road got narrower and steeper with a sheer drop down the side that we were riding on with no safety barriers for our mental comfort. We wandered round the hills for a few hours and found nothing. A complete failure. We made our way back down a went instead to a topless beach for an hour. It made an old man very happy.  We reported back to Roy and we all went to Diana’s Restaurant for our evening meal to dine and drown our sorrows. We managed to get back to the apartment before the rain started to come down heavily.

Day 9.

After breakfast we thought we would go a different way this time, so we headed south along the coast road. We went all the way down to Scala where we had lunch and did a bit of window shopping before finally buying a few little trinkets and a couple of nice ornaments (which we still have). Onward round the coast road to Poros, another very pretty little seaside village. Again we spent some time sightseeing before climbing aboard our trusty steed and heading back across the rather mountainous road to Lassi. The weather seem to be getting worse now with more rain so we stayed in for the rest of the evening with a drink or three of course.

Days 10/11and 12.

These three days were a complete washout, raining all the time and very cold. All we could do was stay in drinking and occasionally braving the elements to go shopping for food and liquid refreshments.

Day 13.

Hurray, the sun has come out again. We were determined to make up for the time that we had lost. This time we headed north. The first port of call was Murtos beach, a secluded bay nestling amongst the hills. We were the only ones on there. Then on to Assos, a very picturesque harbour type village where we had drinks at a cafe right at the waters edge. The only problem was it was infested by cats. We couldn’t get rid of them. Onward and upward to Fiscardo at the top of the island, again a very nice little port with some rather posh boats. After the usual wander round we were going to go on to Efthimia but decided to save that until our last day, so we made our way back down, stopping in Argostoli to watch a football match between two teams of rather short, round, bald headed men who could at best only just break into a sweat never mind a gallop. We found it very entertaining. It was made more enjoyable because we watched whilst standing on a wall and hanging on to a fence round the ground so it cost us nothing. We even saw the presentation of the cup to the winning side. On the way back, we called at the scooter hire place and rented it for the last day. Back to the apartment, drinks and bed.

Day 14 (Last Day)

Had our last breakfast and packed our bags ready for the off. We were able to leave them in the apartment until it was time to leave for our flight. We went back into Argostoli to change Diane’s pants for a blouse and then set off over the hills to Sami again before going to Dragarati Caves where they have stalactites. A guide gave us a very brief description of the cave and then held out his hand expecting a tip. NO CHANCE! It was then back to the scooter shop to give it back, on to the apartment to collect our luggage and wait for the taxi to take us back to the airport.

We bid a very fond farewell to Kefalonia.



All in all, a very nice holiday. The apartment was basis but clean and adequate for our needs. The island is only small but beautiful. We believe they made the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (with Nicolas Cage) on the island. Whether this sparked a big increase in visitors we don’t know but it would be a shame to spoil the place because of over crowding.

On a more cautionary note, as with all the Greek islands, when using the toilets, DO NOT  put the paper down the toilet after use. There is a chance that, because the pipes are quite a small bore, there is a chance of blockage. Always use bags to dispose of the used toilet paper.

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