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Paris 2012

Paris. November 2012.


Would you believe it, we haven’t long been back from our little adventure in France when we are going back there again, this time to Paris. We had booked it earlier in the year. It’s a coach trip to Disneyland Paris. Only a short trip, a day down, two days in Paris and a day back. It was the Disneyland 20th Anniversary Bonfire Celebration


Day One.

Sunday 4th November.


Up at one o’clock in the morning so that we can catch our coach at two o’clock. Not to worry, if we get tired we can sleep on the coach. It turned out to be a sixteen IMGA0778hour journey with a few stops on the way. It was a decent enough trip, with nothing of note to tell you about. We arrived at Disney land Paris in the early evening. We were booked into the Hotel Cheyenne on the Disney site. It was a Wild West themed hotel complex. The room was a decent size but rather short on facilities, not even a kettle to make a cup of coffee in a morning. On closer inspection we found that most of the furniture was made of wood and was riddled with woodworm. We christened the place Woodworm Motel. I opened the window to let a little fresh air into the room but when I tried to shut it, I couldn’t move it. I ended up having to send for Mickey Mouse…sorry, a maintenance man. It’s turning into a typical Sanderson trip, the sink and bath were both blocked and we had to get the maintenance man again to fix all this. What a brilliant end to the first day. Never mind, a few drinks that we had brought with us and we were ready for bed.


Day Two.

Monday 5th November.

IMGA0794Up at 5.30am so that we could be at the “Chuck Wagon” sorry, the onsite dining hall by 7.00am. We were warned that if we didn’t get there when they opened, we would be killed in the stampede. (Notice the cowboy joke there). The warning was spot on. We were followed in by a screaming hoard of children with very harassed parents. Managed to get a fair amount of basic but filling food before making our way to the bus stop for the free shuttle to the parks. The weather could have been better, it was pouring down but we weren’t bothered, we had come prepared with our Florida Macs as we call them. They are plastic ponchos that we bought in Florida on our first trip out there.

There are two parks, Disney Studios and Disneyland Park. We started in Disney Studios. The first ride we tried was Armageddon. Supposedly, a sort of space ship disaster, without any scary bits. We found it quite boring (but we haven’t seen the film). We weren’t impressed at all. The next stop was Cine Magique. This was quite a good show. A lot of interaction on the screen where a man walked in and out of the cinema screen and interacted with the film that was running at the time. Very effective illusions. Then on to the Motor Action Stunt Show. This was the best of the shows we had seen. See the video. We stood around in the rain for quite a long time waiting for the Disney Stars in Cars Parade. It’s a shame really, we have been to Florida IMGA0817twice and we couldn’t help making comparisons. There’s no contest. Maybe the weather played a part in how we felt. Anyway, on to the Disneyland Park, maybe we will find something more to entertain us. First up was the film Captain EO with Michael Jackson. It was quite good. On to see the Statue of Liberty Tableau. The only word to describe it is Awful. Just for a change we decided to try a ride. It’s a Small World seemed about right for us seeing as we are both a little senile Ha! Ha!. Our last effort of the day to be amused was to try and watch another parade, but what with the rain and lack of a decent view, we gave up and went the Annette’s Diner on the edge of the park. Decent food at sensible money.  We had made enquiries about the Grand Fireworks Display earlier and were told that it was starting at 8.00pm tomorrow evening (Tuesday), so we called it a day and went back to the hotel.


Tuesday 6th November.

IMGA0897Got up rather late by our standards but still managed to get some breakfast at the Chuck Wagon. Having done both parks yesterday, we went to the train station, bought a daily runabout ticket and rode into the centre of Paris. We wanted to catch up with a number of sights that we had missed when we were last here in September. This is another situation where we will let the pictures do the talking and just give you a brief outline of what we saw and did. Down into the subway and across to the Grand Arch, a very impressive office block at the far end of the Champs Elysees/Avenue de la Grande Armee. Back to the Arc de Triumphe before making our way south of the river (with a lot of help from very friendly locals) because we wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. When we came here in September, we caught a fleeting glimpse of it from the train but didn’t get chance to see it properly. This time we did and managed a few decent pictures. Getting rather peckish, we wandered round a found a very small (eight seats) café in the shadows of the Eifel Tower. (Well, nearly) We dined sumptuously on chicken and chips with a can of Coke thrown in. It cost just under 10€ for the both of us. Typical Sanderson meal! It was now beginning to get dark, so we thought we had IMGA0923better make our way back for the Fireworks Display. Easier said than done. Trying to find the train station was a nightmare. We asked five different people where it was and we got five different directions. Eventually, we found a couple who did send us the right way (They were Americans!). With some relief, we settled back in our seats and enjoyed the 30 minutes or so train journey back to Disneyland only to be told on our arrival back there that the fireworks display was last night (Monday). All this way and we missed them!! I would love to swear but I can’t spell any good words, so I won’t. Off to bed after a few consolation drinks because we have to be up at 6.00am to catch the coach home.


Wednesday 7th November


Up and out by 6.00am for a last breakfast before our journey home. Absolutely nothing to report about the trip home. The usual stops on the way for toilets and snacks and arriving home in the late evening. All in all, not a bad trip.

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