Holidays Our little holiday diary

Rhine Cruise Two

Day Three.

During the morning, we had a very leisurely cruise, retracing our steps (or sail) back towards Breisach. The usual coffee and biscuits mid morning with pleasant company. All very civilized. We are beginning to enjoy this river cruising type of holiday. It’s the ideal break for us, who are completely useless when we are left to our own devices.

Had lunch (did we mention that the food is very good on this boat?), then boarded our coach for an afternoon drive through some of the most stunning scenery in the Black Forest (No sign of any gateau). We were taken to what they said was the largest cuckoo clock in the world, it was the whole side of a shop. It was of course a gift shop, but very interesting to walk round. As usual, we didn’t buy anything. I don’t know whether I have mentioned before, but wherever and whenever we go on holiday, we make it a rule to treat ourselves to an ice cream, so I suppose you can say that we bought something!!

Back on the coach then onward through the forest calling at a lakeside town called Titisee for about an hour, (I only mentioned it because we found the name amusing. Rather infantile I know but I sometimes have a schoolboy sense of humour). From there, we made our way back to the boat through further picturesque countryside. The evening meal was up to the usual high standard, then our normal evening activity of a few drinkies  after which we retired for the night.

Day Four.

It’s nice having breakfast and watching the scenery slide past us at the same time. This time we were on our way to Strasbourg (the home of the European Parliament) where we arrived at lunch time. We spent the afternoon there. The cathedral there is brilliant with a huge timepiece inside. Did a lot of walking and went on a mini road train round the old quarter. We saw some of the official buildings and some very quaint waterways with bridges that actually had grass growing on their roofs. We were told why that was but we have forgotten since. Old age does that to us! Got back to the boat for our evening meal and then settled down for a quiz in the dining room/lounge. There were seven of us in our table team. We think we came third but we are not sure. Again, the memory thing. Still, we enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards, the usual and then to bed.

Day Five.

Cruised during the morning in the normal way, taking morning coffee and biscuits on deck before arriving at a place called Speyer. After lunch, we set off in our coach for a pleasant drive to Heidelburg, a very pretty town with an old castle perched on a hill overlooking the town. We had a good walk round the town and then went and spoilt our reputation by actually buying some things from a 1€ shop. We got half a dozen chrome bowls at 1€ each. We go mad when we start! Back to the boat Bla! Bla! Bla!

Day Six.

Rudesheim was our main port of call today. From the landing stage to the town we took another road train.  We had a “free” afternoon here. We wandered round shops, not spending of course but doing a lot of window shopping. It was very, very hot. In the evening, we went to an organised wine tasting which was the sort of event that we like. After a number of different wine were sampled, we were then invited to purchase some of them. Guess what! We didn’t buy any. No surprise there then. When the owners realized that we weren’t for buying anything, they were pretty quick to show us the door, so we wandered next door. It was a mechanical music museum with Hurdi Gurdis, music boxes, barrel organs etc. Absolutely fascinating. We spent quite a long time in there, then it was back to the boat, evening meal and you know the rest.

Day Seven.

In a change to our usual routine, after breakfast, we went on a morning excursion instead of the afternoon. We went to Remagen (A bridge too far) We weren’t allowed on it for some reason. We then carried on up the Ahr  Valley to Ahrweiler, one of the many pretty towns we have visited on this trip. After the usual wander round, we got back to the boat to continue our cruise to Cologne. After lunch we went into Cologne and enjoyed the sightseeing. The cathedral was magnificent, the trouble was it is so big it took three pictures to get it all in. The rest was really very much like any other city. Some good and some not so good areas, then it was back to the boat for our last evening meal aboard. The crew excelled themselves. We had a great last evening.


Day Eight.

After breakfast we all disembarked and joined our respective coaches for our trips home. We called at Ostend en route for lunch and our last chance to buy any presents before sailing back across the channel on the ferry. Back to the hotel in Ashford where we had left our car, then on into London where we spent the night with my sister Patricia, before motoring home the next morning.



Looking back, this was one of the best holidays we have had. The boat crew were all magnificent and worked their queer things off. Our guide was excellent, telling us just enough about the areas and towns we went to, making them all sound interesting and pointing out the best places to go to get good value for anything. The scenery was stunning. The travelling was leisurely. This trip was the main reason we decided to book for the Nile cruise, but that is for another time.

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