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WHO ARE WE? Eric and Diane, a pair of pensioners who have kept a little diary of our holidays and would like to share our experiences with you. We hope some of you will like them and we are sure some of you will be completely bored by them.

We have never had much money and it wasn’t until we had been married for many years that we started our little jaunts here, there and nearly everywhere. We do not claim to be professional travellers, in fact we are rubbish, but by and large we have enjoyed ourselves and have been to quite a few different countries. A number of European countries, America 5 times, Spain 3 times, China, Australia, Egypt to name but most of them. We will try not to duplicate where we have been more than once.

Diane hated having her photo taken, so when we were in San Diego Zoo we sat for a sketch artist, so that we could take something back for her Mum… He was rubbish. We threw his picture away. Later, when we went up to the top of the Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas there was another artist who was doing caricatures. We decided that this would be the one. What do you think? We have been told that it is a good likeness!!


Holiday Diary has, and still is, being written by one or other of us and sometimes both of us together.

This site is not meant as a holiday guide, it is simply us relating our own holiday experiences. We do not have the intelligence or eloquence of professional travellers, we simple say it as we see it. We have not cheated by copying and pasting from the internet, it is all our own work, hence boring springs to mind but we are enjoying doing it. Our photography isn't up to much either, but we try our best. In future, we will be more aware that we may be putting some pictures on this site so we will try to take a little more care. We hope to add videos at some point in the dim and distant future (don't hold your breath). We are not putting our trips onto the site in any chronological order, but where we can, we will say the year when we went.

We are beginning to put our little holiday escapades on now, but we are very slow writers so please bear with us and come back soon.

With our memories, we may have to add things later as we remember them so please excuse us if the pages seem to change a little at times.

We have been asked on a number of occasions what the meaning of ATM is in our web site address.

It was originally formed  to serve the auto trade as a site where they could buy and sell unwanted equipment, tools etc

The ATM actually stood for Auto Trade Marketplace.

It was a miserable failure. We tried it for over six months and nobody was remotely interested in it.

We were about to call it a day and just walk away from it when Matt, a work colleague of mine (to whom I am very grateful for all his help and advise in the making of this little site), suggested using the site as a means of writing up our little  holiday diary and giving other people the opportunity to read it.

We are now stuck with it and are trying to work out what ATM could now stand for with regard to our little holiday diary.

The best (and only) thing we have managed so far is Awesome Travel Memories.

If you can think of anything better please let us know. We would appreciate it.

We have mentioned videos and there is our current list on our home page.

I have now resurrected my EXPORT AGENCY

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