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Always check with your mobile phone service provider when you are travelling abroad  and let them know which countries you are visiting and make sure that you have sufficient credit on your phone. The same goes for your credit card companies.

It is worth checking to see if it’s more economical to buy a local sim card but your phone needs to be unlocked.

Check that any medicine you may take is NOT classed as a drug in the countries you are visiting.

Speaking of medicines. Always carry your medication in a correctly labeled container, with a spare supply in your suitcase in case you lose your hand luggage. Also, take a copy of your prescription and a letter from your GP (doctor) giving details of your medication and why you need it. It could be useful if you need medical help while your away. You don't want to ruin your holiday because of this simple oversight do you!

Carry a small torch for finding your way back to your accommodation at night. Make sure the batteries are fully charged.

You can sometimes book your favourite airplane seats prior to flying by checking online at “aircraft+seating+plan” in your search engine. Ask your travel agent, what type of plane you will be flying on.

Take a photo of a toilet (Lavatory, Loo call it what you will) to show in areas

This is ours!

where the language may be a problem.

The same goes for having the address of your accommodation with you at all times along with a photo of the accommodation.

Lists, we love them, shopping, jobs, we have holiday lists. A luggage column, Jobs to do before we go (switch on alarms, tell credit card company etc) Jobs to do when we get back (start cars, switch off alarms) Hand luggage. Then we just tick off each item when we have done it.

Some people send postcards, others can't be bothered. We can. We have all the names and addresses on our computer and print them off onto sticky labels before we go away. That way we are sure that we send to everyone we want to and we don't send one twice to the same address. They can be updated whenever necessary.

If you tend to go to bed rather early, it may be worth considering booking a room higher up in your accommodation to avoid the traffic noise and/or entertainment noise from within. We would make sure there is a lift (elevator) available.

If you take a holiday to ay of the Greek Islands, when using the toilets, DO NOT  put the paper down the toilet after use. There is a chance that, because the pipes are quite a small bore, there is a chance of blockage. Always use bags to dispose of the used toilet paper. We have repeated this warning on our Kefalonia Part Two page.

Here’s a rather naughty tip. If your face flannels at home are getting thin and worn, take some old ones with you and swap them for the better quality hotel ones. Is it really stealing or just exchanging?

If you have any further tips for your fellow travellers we would welcome them.

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