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Isle of Wight

(Year 2010)

We felt, that as we were talking about going to Florida again later in the year, it would be better financially if we just did a cheap holiday first and the idea of The isle of Wight was mentioned. I (Eric) went to the Island when I was a boy soldier back in 1953. We were camped on Boniface Down and I fancied trying to retrace my steps. We failed miserably of course. After doing a little searching, we found a five day coach trip which suited our pocket so we booked it for May.

Day 1.

We left home at 7.00am, (it felt like a lie in for Diane who normally gets up at around 4.30am for work). Of course, it was pouring down with rain. We got a taxi into Blackpool to board the coach which was right on time. We settled back to enjoy the trip knowing that it would be quite a long journey. We had to detour numerous times due to accidents closing motorways only to get caught up in further hold ups caused by road works on the detoured roads. W can’t win can we! Anyway, Jonathon, our very pleasant driver, did a good job in getting down us to Portsmouth with minutes to spare only for the ferry to have been delayed. When it finally arrived we had a very smooth crossing and arrived at our hotel at just after six o’clock in the evening, exactly 11 hours travelling, only one hour less than it took us to get to China.

We got ushered straight into the dining room without being given the chance to freshen up, only to be landed with a couple, Malcolm and Marlene, who chatted incessantly throughout the meal and kept giggling inanely. It seems that we are stuck with them for the whole trip, at the dining table only, thank goodness. The food was good, although not massive portions, in fact I put more chicken in one sandwich than Eric got on his plate. There was entertainment laid on, but by the time we had finished our meal the room had been filled by the other coach party who had arrived just before us. We decided to give up and go up to our room only to discover that it was directly above the stage, so there we were, listening to all the acts from the comfort of our room. The good news was that it didn’t finish until 11.00pm. We wouldn’t say that we could hear clearly, but the singer had a lisp. The hotel is called Channel View Hotel in Sandown. Would you believe, we actually have a sea view from our room and we don't need binoculars!Channel View

Day 2.

After breakfast we all joined our coach and set off to Cowes, where the sailing regatta is held. Eric was hoping to buy himself a big fancy yacht but at this time of the year there was nothing on offer worth having (he said)!! It was a very pleasant meander through the Islands countryside and we arrived in Cowes late morning. As with nearly all coach trips, we were dumped off and more or less left to fend for ourselves, which we are used to doing. The town centre seems to be just one main shopping street with over half of the shops closed for some reason. We had a wander along the promenade and drank in the bracing sea air, very much like home really. Anyway, back on the coach back through the countryside to a small village (Arreton Old Village). They weren’t kidding. We thought we were old but we’re spring chickens in comparison! Still, it whiled away an hour or so. Then on to Godshill, another small village but very pretty with a number of gift shops. All in all, it was a nice relaxing and lazy day. Just the sort of day to recharge our batteries. We finished off the day by returning to the hotel in time to freshen up for evening meal. One very good idea that the hotel used was when we had breakfast, they brought an evening meal menu round so we could choose for that days meal. The same during the evening meal we chose our breakfast menu for the following morning. This meant that within five minutes of sitting down, we were being served our meals. The evening was the same as yesterday, lazing in our room, listening to the entertainers immediately below us. One saving grace was, we had taken a little drinky poo, well a fair amount of drinky poo with us. We try not to pay inflated hotel prices and there’s no luggage weight limit on coach trips!

We've had worse days.

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