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California 2013 Part One


I suppose it was inevitable that, after our little French trip, we would think about doing another similar trip somewhere. Diane, who was going to be at a significant age in May, suggested that we ask my brother Alf, who lives in America, if he would consider taking us out for a week in his motor home. He was happy to agree and after a number of Skype conversations a plan was formulated. What was to have been just a week trip turned into a three week trek round half of California, well, that’s how it looked on paper. Plan A: Arrive San Diego Sunday evening and then spend Monday going shopping and getting ready for our trip. Set off from San Diego along the Pacific Highway, carving our way through the heart of Los Angeles and stopping at camp sites along the way before arriving in San Francisco where we will stay for a few days. From there, we will head across country, inland to the top of Yosemite National Park, down through the park and back to their home in San Diego for the last week….EASY!!  We booked the flight out on Sunday 9th of June and our return flight on Sunday 30th June, arriving back home on Monday morning.

Friday 7th June.

Starting to get excited about the holiday now with only two days to go. Diane had booked appointments for herself both to see the doctor for a minor condition and another appointment for the hairdresser. Whilst I was having a shower, Diane came in to say that her car wouldn’t start and asked me to run her to the doctors. (We have Diane’s Mum living with us and Diane is her full time carer).  We decided it would be OK to leave her Mum alone for a few minutes as she can’t get out of bed unaided and in a hospital bed, so I took Diane to the doctors and waited to bring her back again. She seemed to have been in with the doctors for a long time before the doctor came out and asked me into his surgery. Diane was on the floor in agony with stomach pains. She been given a morphine injecting and the doctor was in the process of calling an ambulance. It was agreed that I should go home and sort things out there before going to the hospital. I went home and phoned the hairdresser and cancelled the appointment. I then called Annette and Peter, Diane’s sister and her husband and asked them to come round. In the meantime, I phoned the care home where we had booked Diane’s Mum in for our holidays and asked them to take her in a day early to which they agreed. I received a phone call from some friends of ours who had arranged to call and stay the night with us and were on the way from the South of England. I asked them to delay their arrival until about 4.00pm to give me time to go to the hospital to see how Diane was. The doctors there told me they were keeping Diane in overnight for observation and would make a decision about her the following afternoon (Saturday). Although Diane was in pain she still managed to give me instructions on how to prepare and cook a chicken casserole for our guests this evening. A normal sort of day in the Sanderson household!! I think not.


Saturday 8th June.

I spent the morning cooking breakfast for our visitors and myself whilst at the same time worrying about how to delay our flight tickets in case Diane didn’t get released from hospital. Fortunately, I got a phone call at about 2.00pm from Diane saying they she could come home. All my fretting for nothing! I dashed to the hospital and brought Diane home and between us we finished off the packing for tomorrows flight.


Sunday 9th June.

The taxi picked us up at 7.00am for a nice relaxing journey to the airport. Having pre-booked on line (for the first time) we sailed through check in and security. We flew from Manchester to Philadelphia, had a four hour

Paul & Chantal's House

Paul & Chantal's House

stop over before flying on to San Diego where my brother Alf and his wife Denise were waiting to pick us up. They proudly announced that they had sold their house, moved out and we would all be staying with one of theirs son, Paul and his partner Chantal.


Plan B.

Monday 10th June.

Today we used to relax a little after the flights and do some shopping ready for our two weeks trip round some of California. Apart from his RV, Alf has a Jeep which he tows for running about in after parking up at various camp sites. (Alf’s RV by the way is 38 foot long).Alf and I went in the Jeep to a camping supplies shop while Diane and Denise went food shopping in another car. In true Sanderson style, the Jeep broke down on the way back from town and after a lot of messing about we managed to tow it to a garage with the RV. The garage said that they would do their best to get it back on the road and would phone us as soon as they had made their diagnosis. The call came late in the day with the news that the Jeep needed a new coil. Alf arranged to take one in to them first thing tomorrow morning.


Tuesday 11th June.

Our hotel room for two weeks

Our hotel room for two weeks

We took the coil the first thing in the morning waited for the call from the garage……and waited; it was mid afternoon before the garage called to say the Jeep was ready. It was too late to set off on our journey so we decided to have an early start tomorrow.
Alf spent the rest of the day frantically phoning round the campsites that he had already booked for our original start today trying to put everything back a day. It wasn’t easy because the schools were on holiday so is the high season for holidays. One or two of the parks were booked up and he couldn’t move our booking back.He did very well to sort out what he did. One or two sites later in the trip were left and we were going to take our chances with them.

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