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California 2013 Part Three

Part Three.


Monday 17th June.

Despite what Alf and Denise said about them not wanting to go into San Francisco again, they volunteered to go with us today and show us some of the sights they lombard st 2thought we may enjoy. Fair enough, it made sense to us, so after breakfast, Alf drove us all into town. The main road back down over the Golden Gate Bridge led us straight to Lombard Street (The crooked Street) I managed to video the meander down it. I’m still trying to work out why it’s so famous. Yes, it’s a very winding road, and it’s quite steep, but when we drove round France last year, we found roads very nearly as twisty and just as steep. We always have an ice cream when we are on our holidays and this time was no exception. We found the Chirardelli Chocolate Factory outlet with a nice little square. We nearly died when we had to pay $9.50 for two plain, small ice cream cornets. It wasn’t that nice a

Lombard Street

square. Not to worry, we all decided it was time for a ride on the famous cable cars. When we finally found the terminus, the queue was a mile long and we all said, in unison, NO WAY. So that scuppered that bright idea. It’s turning into one of those days again!! Not to worry, back to the camp for food and drinks. I forget whether I’ve already mentioned, but Alf and Denise have a fabulous Husky called Skylar and because it is travelling with us, we can’t leave it too long alone in the RV. So, we have to get back in reasonable time every day.


Tuesday 18th June.

Back over the Golden Gate Bridge, this time we headed for Golden Gate Park and the Japanese Gardens. We spent a few happy hours wandering round the park before heading off to Hawk Hill which is back just over the Golden Gate Bridge going north then turning left and up into the hills overlooking San Francisco and the bay. It is a great place to get good views of the Bridge so a few photos were in order. Managed to get a pic of the famous San Francisco Bay Mist rolling in. On the way back to the camp site, we stopped off at Cosco and Target supermarkets to do some shopping ready for our onward journey tomorrow.


Wednesday 19th June.

This is it now! We are setting off for the Yosemite National Park. Alf decided to go round the top of San Francisco Bay going through Vallejo, Benicia, Dublin, Livermore,IMGA0171 Manteca, Oakdale, Groveland and on to the edge of the Yosemite Park. He said that we were not allowed to camp in the actual National Park area. We were booked into the Yosemite Lake Camp Site which is about five miles outside the actual park. It seems a nice, quiet site and we found a pitch only about 20 yards from a small river that runs along the boundary of the site. Nice and secluded... Took our time getting settled in before drinks and nibbles.


Thursday 20th June.

IMGA0212The usual, breakfast, dog for a walk, back in time to mess about a little and have lunch before setting  off and  heading into the Park. Denise decided not to go with us today because, as she said, she has been here a number of times before. (They are more travelled than we are!!) Alf has an annual pass for the Park so we had nothing to pay to get in. It was quite a drive to get to our first stop, which the Bridalveil Falls. Time for a quick photo shoot then onward up to Glacier Point which gives us a fabulous view overlooking most of the National Park valley area. We had a great view of Half Moon Mountain. Most of the afternoon was spent up there. We saw the wild fires burning on the next hill, but we were brave little soldiers and carried on with our viewing. Eventually, we set off back, finally arriving back at the site round about 7.30pm, just In time to eat and have the necessary drinks, quick walk of the dog and then to bed.


Friday 21st June.

Promised ourselves a lazy day and we certainly had one. Just a quick trip to the camp shop to buy some more food and drink and then a good laze by the RV chatting about nothing in particular. Later in the afternoon, Diane, Denise and I went across to the river to try our hand at fishing. Fortunately, Alf had some fishing rods tucked away somewhere in the RV which he kindly retrieved for us.  It took me quite a while to get the hang of casting in, well it was a million years ago since I last held a fishing IMGA0238rod!! I was so bad, even the ladies were better than me to start with. (Oh! The shame of it all!!).  At the end of an eventful afternoon, Diane had caught nothing, Denise had caught two branches and I had caught one twig. We threw them back of course, they were too small! After all that excitement, it was the long walk (twenty yards) back to the RV for the usual. Food and drink. All in all, not a bad day.


Saturday 22nd June.

Today, we decided that we would split up, Alf and Denise would go into the park where three of us went yesterday and they would drop us off on the way at the Merced Grove Trail. It seems it is quite a trek into the woods to see some sequoia trees which are supposedly quite a long way along a rough trail. DeniseIMGA0247 said it would take us at least two hours both ways. It was easy going down although it still took us just short of an hour to get down to the rangers hut. A few pics of big trees then it was a big effort walking back up the long hill. We were determined to get back within two hours, just to show that we weren’t too girlie. We arrived back at the entrance to the trail in exactly two hours, just as Alf and Denise pulled up in their jeep. Back to camp, food and drink, quick chat about our hike and off to bed.

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