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California 2013 Part Two

Before I go any further, I must say that as this holiday is a road trip, we are on the move for most of the time so I spent most of the trip videoing and very few still pictures. I will try and cut some stills out of the videos, (if I can find any that are boring enough!). A lot of the videos are very similar so I’m on a hiding to nothing here.


Wednesday 12th June.

Hurray! At last we have eaten a hearty breakfast, loaded up the RV and are finally moving out of the San Diego area, heading for the Pacific Highway. We are aiming to get to a campsite at Morrow Bay which is a fair way up the coast. As I’m not IMGA0013driving, I can just sit back and enjoy the views. Alf  has said that as it is about 275 miles to the campsite, we will have to go round Los Angeles with no time to stop and sight see. A bit of a bummer as it would have been a nice place to stop for a break. Not to worry, onward and upward as they say, finally arriving at the Morrow Bay campsite in the early evening. Alf did nearly all the setting up of the RV with a little bit of help from me. The ladies sorted out the food and drinks for the evening before retiring for the night after a rather uneventful day.


Thursday 13th June.

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle

Denise had told us before we set off that near to Morrow Bay there is a place called Hearst Castle that was built and owned by Randolph Hearst the Publishing Tycoon. His granddaughter Patty was involved in a kidnapping saga some years ago by a terrorist group. Some of you older readers may remember this. She was then groomed into being a terrorist as part of the gang. Anyway, history lesson finished, we set off to visit there. It is set in acres of ground and it took a fifteen minute bus ride to get from the car park to the actual castle entrance. According to the commentary on the bus, the grounds used to be populated by a wide range of animals just roaming free. (We didn’t see any!). We spent an hour or two following our guide round the house and gardens before being let loose to wander the rest of the whole area. Very enjoyable. I took a few pics. When we left there, Alf took us further up the Pacific Highway to San Simeon Bay where there were herds of Elephant Seals basking on the beach and frolicking in the sea. I tried videoing them but there was a howling gale so the results are pretty rubbish. You will have to settle for another photo session. We returned to the camp site in the early evening to dine and have a few drinks. Diane, Denise and I went for a walkIMGA0178 through Morrow Bay. A pretty little place, but hardly photogenic although we found a car to photograph. We walked along the boardwalk by the bay and back along the main street back to the park where we had one last drink and then to bed.


Friday 14th June.

It seems to take ages to pack up and leave the camp sites; it’s always late morning before we get away. Never mind, we’re on the road again heading ever northwards. We passed close by to Carmel; I think that’s where Clint Eastwood was the mayor some time ago. We drove across the “Big Sur Bridge” which believe is quite famous in California and onwards to a camp site called The Marina Dunes Site just outside Monterey. We found IMGA0010nothing to excite us outside the camp apart from the beach. At least it was somewhere to walk the dog and we are only here for one night.


Saturday 15th June.

Typical of us, we had a lazy start to the day and didn’t get out of the camp until mid-day. A nice steady drive (it’s easy for me to say isn’t it!) up through San Francisco and up to our next camp at Novato RV Camp Just North of San Francisco. By the time we had got ourselves organised, we just had time for an evening meal, with the obligatory drinks to finish off with before we all retired to bed.


Sunday 16th June.

Spoiling ourselves or what!! A full English breakfast to start the day. You can’t beat it! Alf and Denise have been to San Francisco a number of times before so they suggested that we go on our own. Agreeing to this, it was decided that they would run us to Larkspur where we could catch a ferry right into San Francisco harbour. We would spend the rest of the day taking in some of the sights there and they would come and pick us up at another ferry terminal (Sausalito) later in the day. The ferry took us past San Quentin Prison and Alcatraz before docking in the heart of San Francisco harbour  We had tried to buy tickets to go over to Alcatraz, but it seemed we should have booked at least a week in advance so no chance of getting on the island. We wandered along Fisherman’s Wharf, taking in Pier 39 along the way. I had my picture taken holding up a cable car! After all our walking about, we made our way back to the ferry terminal only to see the ferry slowly leaving the dock. Charming, another hour and a half to wait for the next and last one. We sent a text to Alf explaining the situation and he was waiting for us when we finally docked at Sausalito. Back to the camp. After dining we sat down and played board games for the evening, drinking copious amounts of alcohol of course.

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