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California Four

Day 7

Checked out of Motel 6 and made our way across the road to a local café for our breakfast. We were waited on by a very attentive waitress who was also very friendly and talkative. We only had to glance her way and she descended on us within seconds. She did say that she loved our English accents so would explain to attention she gave us. This is NOT a criticism, we all enjoyed her service and her family history. After breakfast we set of on our return journey back to Alf’s house via Sedona. The scenery was absolutely stunning with huge red rocks everywhere. We stopped in the small town centre to buy more film for our camera. (This was in the days before we could afford a digital camera). We went into one of the local camera shops and met the rudest shop assistant we had every come across. He must have been 65 years of age with the most miserable attitudes towards all the customers. We understand that nobody likes working at the weekend but he could have pretended to be polite. To top it all, he didn’t even have the films we wanted. Never mind onward towards San Diego, stopping at Brawley on the way for sandwiches and Dr Peppers all round. We finally arrived back late on in the evening rather tired and ready for bed. We had to be up early tomorrow because it was Alf and Denise wedding anniversary and we were all going out for the day and then on for a meal in the evening.

Some holiday makers spend a lot of their time relaxing by the hotel pool or on the beach. We usually tend to get out and about sightseeing. When we find ourselves at a loose end we also like to relax and do very little. This is what happened at this point in our holiday. We took the opportunity to laze about in and around Alf’s house just relaxing and recharging our batteries so to speak, so we will put the next few days together.

The following events happened in no particular order.

After a lazy morning, Alf and I set off for Castle Creek Golf Course where Alf had booked us a round.

It was the first time I had ever played on an American course and it blew my mind. It was in pristine condition and it seemed almost criminal the way I hacked up the hallowed turf. I played absolute rubbish but had a wonderful afternoon. We then went out for the wedding anniversary meal that I mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago.

Alf suggested that we go to a swap meet today. It turned out to be a car boot sale (as we call them here in the UK. Nothing of any interest so we kept our hands in our pockets. We then drove over the bridge to a rather nice island called Coronado in San Diego bay. We went into the Hotel Coronado, it was where they shot some of the film scenes for Some Like it Hot. There was a wedding going on in the quadrangle in the centre of the hotel. Loads of big, black limos parked outside with their engines running. We assumed it was to keep their air conditioning going.

Another little trip was down into Tijuana just over the border in Mexico about twenty miles away. We parked on the American side and simply walked over the bridge into Mexico. On the bridge there were plenty of beggars and the women beggars were holding their babies and we could see then nipping their babies to make them cry. (Emotional blackmail). Denise told us not to give the women any money because they would just take it home and give it to their husbands who would then go and drink it away in the nearest bar. It would be far better to give them food. Tijuana was very noisy with plenty of bars to choose from. We went into Tijuana Tilley’s and had a Caesar Salad with chicken. It was nearly all lettuce. Having said all that, we had a good time there.

A day out at Disneyland up in Los Angeles was mentioned and sounded good to us, so off we went. Denise told us that we wouldn’t be back before midnight so take some sandwiches and a coat each because the evening time can get quite cold. We weren’t impressed. $36 each to get in and $6 parking. Half the park was shut. We have been to better parks here in the UK. I enjoyed the drive though. It was the first time I had seen a Pool Lane and found it very convenient. It was only three o’clock in the afternoon and we didn’t dare go back to Alf’s because of what Denise had said about being back late. We managed to waste enough time to get us back at seven in the evening. The next couple of days were spent exploring the local area around Julian and Henshaw Lake. We managed to find some big pine cones that we brought back with us to use for garden ornaments. While were in Julian, we remembered Alf had told us about the Julian Pie Company and said if we got the chance we were to buy one of their famous Apple Pies. This we did and when we got back we all enjoyed it together.

Today we made our minds up to do something proper, so off we went to San Diego Sea World. An absolutely brilliant day out. We had never seen such good shows before. The one point we would like to make is. Make sure you see the dolphins before you sea the whales. We made the mistake of seeing them the other way round and it was a big mistake. This was worthy of a full day out.

Last day. We went shopping to a local shopping mall and then took the hire car back. Had a last meal with Alf and Denise at Sammy’s Pizza. Had a walk round the block and saw hundreds of Harley Davidson bikers at the Planet Hollywood. What a great way to end a fabulous holiday on our first trip to the United States of America.

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