Holidays Our little holiday diary

California Three

Day 5.

After a lazy breakfast just off the strip, we drove down to the Hoover Dam, stopping in Boulder City along the way to do a little shopping. We found it to be a very pretty little town and very clean (all credit to the residents). The dam itself is very impressive, with a sheer drop of what seemed a million miles on one side and Lake Mead stretching as far as the eye could see on the other, with jet skiers flitting about all over the lake. As we were watching the jet skiers, Alf (my brother) let out what sound like a whoop of delight. We spun round expecting to see a pretty, scantily clad young lady posing provocatively on the edge of the dam. No……… it was, in his words, a cab over multi axle rig hauling a triple axle 50ft trailer or some other wonderful description along those lines. Bless him… Well, he is a truck driver, so he can be forgiven.

After all that excitement, we made our way back to Las Vegas for a bite to eat and an evening hotel spotting. We only managed two hotels to actually see the free shows they put on outside. The Mirage that has a simulated volcano show outside. A good show and very hot if you stand too close. We then wandered along the strip taking in the sights till we got to the Treasure Island (We think it is now called T.Js or some other such silly name. Trying to be “modern” we suppose). Anyway, because we had wandered, we had just missed the show so we had to amuse ourselves for an hour or so until the next one. It was worth waiting for. A full sized American Pirate Ship engaging in a sea battle with a British Royal Navy ship. Plenty of explosions and gun fire which was very realistic. It lasted quite some time although we never actually timed it. We won’t tell you the ending because it will spoil it for you. You will be able to see it all when we have figured out how to put videos onto our site. We have now. All in all it was quite another entertaining day and we were ready for bed by the time we got back to our hotel, not forgetting the odd drinky poo or three, Diane and I that is. Alf is not one for drinking (all credit to him).


Day 6


We checked out of the Circus Circus, loaded up the car and after another lazy breakfast, it was Goodbye Las Vegas and in the immortal words of Arnie, “We’ll be back”, hit the road again, retracing our route through Boulder City and across the Hoover Dam and onwards to The Grand Canyon via Kingman and Williams and eventually stopped at Desert View on the South Rim of the Canyon. When we had checked out of Circus Circus, the sun was cracking the pavement (sidewalk) so we had dressed accordingly. T shirts, shorts etc.,  not thinking that the weather may not always be favorable towards us. It was a little bit further than we realized and it was late in the day when we got there.  As we got to the Canyon, we were met with Lightning, Torrential Rain mixed with flurries of Snow. What a welcome!! We were freezing our rocks off. Diane was laughing as she had dressed sensibly. It was all worth it though, the view was awesome. It is just too big to get any good pics (that’s our excuse anyway) we managed a couple of the sunset, but the memory will live on. On then through Cameron to Flagstaff where we stayed in a Motel 6. Compact but clean and comfortable. Because we got there rather late, we hadn’t noticed that the motel was very close to a railway line and the trains seem to be rumbling past our window all night tooting and hooting. We got used to them very quickly, or maybe we were just worn out, either way, we all had a fairly good nights sleep.


Part 4 arrived at last.

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