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Florida Part Three

Monday Day 10.


Welcome back civilization, today we have decided to go to EPCOT to regain our sanity. Had a great time wandering round the lake and visiting all the countries. The American singers were brilliant along with the show inside. The Mexican boat ride was also very good. The rest of the countries were good but we picked those two out as being exceptional. The fireworks display over the lake was also excellent and went on into the early evening. We finally got back to the hotel room, had a few drinkies and called it a day. All in all, another one of our better days.


Tuesday Day 11.


After our usual breakfast at the Ponderosa, we decided, just for a change, to do something different from a theme park, and ended up at Gatorland. We spent the afternoon in there and thoroughly enjoyed it. After that, we just had time to go into a few Flea markets in and around Kissimmee to search for a few presents to take back for friends and relatives.


Wednesday Day 12.


Another day, another theme park. We are beginning to realize that maybe, we had booked too many theme parks. They all seem to be blending into one. It is getting more difficult to find things to write about. I think it is because whilst they all seem pretty much the same, it is down to the pictures and videos (when I can get them onto the site) to really capture the essence of our holiday on this particular trip. Anyway, today it was the turn of Magic Kingdom to entertain us. We did all the usual things, mainly people watching and the odd girly ride or two. Finished the day at 6.00pm and caught the shuttle bus to take us back to the hotel. The bus broke down on the way and we waited for over an hour before a replacement bus got to us to finish our journey back to the hotel. We decided to stay in the hotel and snack on crisps and booze. (Just for a change ha ha!!).


Thursday Day 13.


Go on, guess where we are going today. Yep! Another theme park. We enjoyed the drive back to Tampa AGAIN. This time to Busch Gardens. By this time we were beginning to be theme parked out so it’s not really fair to judge the park in the way we did. We weren’t impressed at all. Nothing grabbed our attention or interest. Maybe we were also blighted by what happened to us here in Tampa last week. As we said, we enjoyed the drive there and back but we could probably have spent the time a lot better going somewhere more local to Orlando. But NOT a theme park! As it was Thanksgiving Day, we decided to have a thanksgiving meal in the hotel I’m glad we did. On the menu was pumpkin pie. I had never had it before and it was a revelation to me. We managed to get two tins of pumpkin pie filling to bring home and we made some here. Delicious!!


Friday Day 14.


After breakfast we decided to go back along International Drive  to see the sights and maybe find something of interest  to do. AS it turned out, we found “The Titanic Exhibition” which was very interesting and gave us the opportunity to interact  with various aspects of the old liner. It was much better than we thought it was going to be. Whilst we spent some time in there, we still needed some time to catch up on our last minute shopping, so we headed back to Kissimmee where we shopped and dined before going into Kissimmee Old town to catch the Car Rally. (Mainly Chrysler Cruisers but a few other makes as well). We enjoyed both the cars and wandering round the old town shops. Didn’t spend anything of course, but you know us, frugal to the end!!


Saturday Day 15.


This is our last day here and we organized it so that we flew home in the early evening so that we could have our last day doing things before flying home.

After checking out of our hotel, we made our way to the Ponderosa for our last breakfast there before heading up to Seaworld. We spent a great day there. Whilst we felt the whole park was very good, we thought the best part was Shamu (Orka) the killer whales, a fabulous show. We were getting very weary now so decided to call it a day and make our way to Sanford Airport to return the hire care and board our flight home. An uneventful flight home but we were glad to see our own little home again…. Until we went inside:-TO FIND THAT WE HAD BEEN BURGLED!! We just shrugged our shoulders and said to each other, it can’t get any worse can it!! We did find that we were both rather depressed for about three months after this holiday. What an end to an already particularly stressful holiday.

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