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Australia Part Five

Day 26

John is sore today but still had to go to work. Eric says he feels fine but his bruises look really sore. So an easy day it is then. We went for a short drive in the car or should I say “oven”. A/C is great, isn’t it! Had a walk around a local park and saw plenty of multi coloured birds flying wild, loads of baby fish in the lake and surprisingly, a snapping turtle about seven inches long, vicious looking thing. The weather is getting a lot warmer now. Phew! There was an article on the radio news warning us of snakes coming out of hibernation. More to bite us on the bum. Great!

Day 27.

We all went on a 4 hour journey there and back to O’Reilly’s Mountain (A history lesson for you now.) In 1937, a Stinson Airliner carrying seven people disappeared on an internal flight but wasn’t reported for almost a week. A search by local volunteers got under way but gave up after a few days. However, Bernard O’Reilly refused to give up and continued searching through dense forest and mountains, finally coming across the crash site to find two men still alive after ten days. (It is reputed that Bernard heard the men making noises like cooooey. I thought it sounded rather girly at first but it turns out that a sound like that travels further. So that taught me a lesson). Four men had died and one poor soul who had gone for help had perished. Because of Bernard’s bravery and persistence, five men got a decent funeral and two men got saved. A memorial was erected at O’Reilly’s for the 60th anniversary of the crash.

John and Marie pointed out lots of interesting things about the flora and fauna. There were some huge trees being strangled by parasite vines, they had killed loads of trees which had rotted from the inside and some which

Eric chatting up birds

were big enough to walk into. Along the way there was a hundred foot ladder up the side of a massive tree leading to a panoramic view, if we dared…. We dared! Extremely scary though, but we are toughies! The view was magnificent! To end our visit up there, we called into their café cos we were starving and ordered a meal each. Marie and I had lamb and all the trimmings, but they were stone cold so M complained and they took them away. When we got them back, (probably with some chef’s spit on them), there was loads more lamb on the plates. Marie couldn’t manage all the meat. Guess what, I did! Spit or not, it tasted brilliant to me! On the down side, I was charged a quid for a glass of hot water.

Day 28.

Today, we thought we would go for another panoramic view, this time a little closer to home. John took us to Mount Coot-tha which gives a magnificent view of the whole of the City of Brisbane and the surrounding area. We had a holiday ice cream which cost a thousand pounds each but tasted delicious. This evening we went to the social club again to try and redeem ourselves (The pub quiz). This time, we recruited some intelligent help by way of Russ and Michelle. (John and Marie’s son and family) but to no avail!! We didn’t even win a booby prize. However, John did win a meat tray with a raffle ticket. Apparently, he does that sort of thing quite often. Yippee!! More meat for the BBQ. (Does anyone know what BBQ stands for?

Day 29

Went on a catamaran along the Brisbane river, it’s not called the river city for nothing. Being Sanderson’s, we bought another runabout ticket, which entitled us to get on and orf the “Cat” whenever and wherever along the river. We went to the South Bank to a huge market, however, it was not nearly as big as John remembered it. He was quite disappointed, but we enjoyed ourselves. As usual, Diane was hungry so we all went for an outdoor snack. There were signs on the tables warning us not to feed the parrots, lorikeets and Australian White Ibis. (For Blackpool, read seagulls, as in flying rats). After dining on chicken and chips etc, (and sneakily feeding one or two of the birds), we wandered along the south bank and discovered a man made lagoon with white sand and various water features for the children, including squirty fountains that they had to dodge or get wet. Loads of laughter from babies up to teenagers. We stayed and watched them for ages, it was very enjoyable. There were even life guards.

Day 30

We had a leisurely drive down to Surfers Paradise. Marie and I threaded our way through all the “Beautiful People” Topless women and tanned, muscle bound young men, we both said, wait till they

The beautiful people's area

reach sixty, (Bitchy or what), to Eric and John’s disappointment, they had stayed further up the beach. M and I went for a paddle in the South Pacific. Marie was so engrossed in the scenery she got soaked by a big wave.

We had booked an afternoon cruise along the canal to see how the other half live.  It was infinitely better than the Everglades cruise. We even had a free (Paid for) English tea. Help yourself to scones, jam, cream, various cakes, tea and soft drinks. The driver/pilot/captain gave us an excellent commentary, which was informative without being boring. Saw some stars houses worth at least eleventy squillion quid. One even had a helicopter pad, with a helicopter on it. Posh Git!  On the way home, we drove along the Start/Finish stretch of the Australian Indy race track and the pit lanes. Unfortunately, Diane wasn’t too keen on me driving at two hundred miles an hour. Spoil sport!! We missed the actual event by about eight days. Never mind, we had to give the others a chance.

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