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Australia Part Six

Part Six

Day 31.

Although we had planned to go shooting, golfing and archery‘ing,  it didn’t work out cos of the horsey injuries. So we kept the excursions to a minimum, which was fine by me. We went for a little stroll round IKEA with Marie and really enjoyed ourselves. You won’t believe this but E and I have never been round IKEA before. We bought some stuff which we will find out later made our suitcases overweight for the flight home.

Day 32.

One of the things we could do, was go sea fishing, so off we all went to a little island called Coocha-Munga on a local ferry which was quite a nice ride although cold and windy. John provided the umbrellas, fishing tackle and bait. I told him earlier that I didn’t fancy putting bait on the hook, he told me if I wanted to go fishing, I had to bait my own line with four inch black long wriggly worms (he got his own back for my vegetarian joke to Marie). He was joking. He bought frozen bait from a local tackle shop and baited my hook for me. Thank goodness! He showed me how to cast into the sea and I really got into it. Although I was rubbish, I really enjoyed myself. Although my best cast was only about six inches, the fish took pity on me and came in to feed on what I had to offer. It was very exciting. John kept putting more prawns on my hook so the fish and I could have more fun. It was great. Eric wasn’t so lucky, in his attempts to snare the “big one” he managed to break John’s reel. John said that it didn’t matter, but E still feels terrible about it. It wasn’t only the reel we broke, both E and I managed to crack a patio chair each back at their house. Boy, we must really be piling the weight on I’m not surprised with the meals they gave us.

Day 33.

We had booked to see the Great Australian Outback Spectacular Show. We obviously had to queue to get in. We were ushered into the waiting area where we were given free, paid for cowboy hats very nice they were too. (Unfortunately, we had no room for them on the way home and we had to leave them at John and Maries. Hopefully, their grandchildren made use of them.)  The whole area was decked out with pictures from the dim and distant past which were fascinating.  We spent quite a long time looking round. We were then ushered into our seats ready for the main event. The arena is horse shoe shaped with tiered seating. We were allocated excellent seats right on the bend of the horseshoe giving us an unbeatable view of events in the arena. Between each layer of seats is a walkway for the staff to serve the courses. Very efficient. The first course was already waiting for us. A cold exotic salad which we ate through the first part of the show. The second course was a very impressive serving innovation. There were a few thousand people who all got served with very hot steak dinners. In view of our experience with horses, we were very impressed by the performances and riders. Nobody fell off!! In the mean time, we were liberally supplied with drinks of our choice. The show as a whole gave us a great insight into the history of Australia. It wasn't like an American Rodeo but we enjoyed it.

Day 34.

Marie took us down to the reservoir at the back of their house to go on a Koala hunt. As we walked through the trees, she suggested we walked with a branch held up in front of ourselves to break the spider’s webs. Did we feel idiots or what? But it worked. At one point, Marie found a termite’s nest which was as tall as me. She told us that they attack houses and eat them from the inside out, so the first you know of it is part of your house falling down. What a shock eh! On a brighter note, Eric actually saw a wallaby bounding along, unfortunately M and I missed it. Eric also saw a Koala up a gum tree.

In the evening, John and Marie’s family all came round to help celebrate Eric’s birthday, it was a very special time for both of us. They had all gone to so much trouble to be there. After another delicious meal, served up by John and Marie, Eric was treated to a birthday cake full of candles brought out by their grand children. What a wonderful end to our holiday…..or so we thought.

Day 35.

Our last day, sob, sob! One of our regrets is that John, Marie and family don’t live nearer to us, so that we can visit them more often.

Started packing and weighing cases on J and M’s scales. We were allowed 20 kilo’s each. E’s weighed in at just under the limit, whilst mine was a tad over. Mad panic to shift some of the load into our hand luggage. We had three carrier bags of pressies, so I just grabbed the heaviest one to put into our hand luggage. That solved the problem! Or did it??

John very kindly drove in front of us to show us the way to the airport. What a life saver again! We booked in and deposited our cases. After that, the three of us went to the departure lounge to have a farewell chat. At the last minute, we decided that we had to make a move and go to the departure gate. Slight cock up on our timing…(What  idiots we are!) As we went through check in, we were met by stewardess’s who, having checked that we were the Sanderson’s, said that the plane was ready to leave and that we had only three minutes to board the plane. At the same time, the customs people said that there was a problem with our hand luggage and did we have anything to declare? We said no... Not remembering the carrier bag of pressies that we had transferred to our hand luggage earlier in the day. We had bought some very expensive, solid gold, letter openers which looked like daggers on the x-ray, so they were disposed of. The bags were then sent back to be x-rayed again, during which time, the stewardesses were getting more agitated and in contact with the plane constantly. This time the x-ray machine showed up some metal forks that we bought in IKEA. In our haste, of the three carrier bags of presents, we picked all the sharp stuff for the hand luggage. So our wonderful presents got confiscated. What’s the betting the security staff took them home eh! In the meantime, the stewardesses are screaming at us to run for the plane or it will leave without us….WHAT, US RUN? Oh! the embarrassment of walking down the aisle to our seats. The good news was, as soon as we parked our bums on our seats, the pilot, who had already filled up with petrol, checked the oil, cleaned the windscreen, kicked the tyres and had a wee, immediately switched the ignition on, pulled out his choke, let his hand brake off and away we went. AHH!!  PERFECT TIMING!!!



Diane and Eric


Written, Dictated, Produced and Directed by Diane.

Typed by Eric

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