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Australia Part Three


Day 14

As soon as we got on the Pacific Highway, everything looked a lot cleaner with more foliage, it’s like driving through the Lake District. We did a bit of shopping and bought a hot chicken and coleslaw then found ourselves a nice pic-a-nic table to eat some of it. Delicious. There were all these beautiful birds trying to pinch it, where was the Wrecktory cat when we needed it? Eric did a fair bit of driving today, still a long way to go though. We found a really nice motel, (Country Life Motel) double bed, three piece suite, TV, fridge, two desks, nice and quiet. What a nice change. At a Sanderson price to boot.

Day 15

Ate the rest of the chicken on the veranda this AM for Brekky, then drove quite a way, stopped at a pretty little town and bought some pies. Drove some more to a lovely lake side pic-a-nic area and ate said pies. We watched eagles and pelicans, then followed the map to see the largest tree in N.S.W. The road looked fine until we came to a derelict cattle grid that sagged in the middle, but once we were over it, there would be no turning back; literally, it was too narrow with steep banks on either side. 5 kilometers of rock strewn track threatening to rip out the underside of our pretty blue car. Over an hour later of E cursing and swearing, there it was, in the middle of a very dense forest of very tall trees. They even had to have a sign pointing out which one it was. We were very nearly impressed and spent…….ooh!...minutes thinking, we wouldn’t have missed this for the world!! Fortunately, there was a turning area. We had to go through it all over again. When we got back to the cattle grid, because of our lowered suspension, we didn’t think we could clear it. We searched high and low for some sort of packing to level it out. I even suggested that I lie on my back but with my stomach it made it more like a hump back bridge!! We eventually scrambled across it with a lot of scraping noises. The day wasn’t all bad though, I saw a “For Sale” sign for manure, it said, “help yourself to Poo”. (That said it all)  We went on to Seal Cove and saw six seals or so we thought. When we got nearer, it turned out they were surfers in black wet suits. We also watched cormorants diving for fish. Fascinating. Found another nice motel.

Day 16.

We found another peaceful cove, we saw a bird with just its neck showing above the surface, it looked like a submarine. We also saw pelicans sitting next to fishermen both fighting for the catch of the day.

Went for a paddle in the Tasman Sea for twenty minutes, I went in up to my ankles. A dog jumped up on me from behind and frightened the life out of me. How was I to know it wasn’t a great white shark! Did you hear me scream?

Stopped at a Dunnie, (a toilet without an S bend, but a deep, deep hole) I had finished before I heard the splash.

Thought we would have a change from motels and booked into a log cabin. It comprised of lounge, dining room, fully fitted kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, veranda and car port, it was also cheaper than the motels and was next to a beautiful lake, excellent value. We would certainly stay there again if we ever get back to Australia.

Day 17.

Went to a harbour (Coffs Harbour) with working fishing boats and saw a diver going under without an air tank to scrape barnacles from the bottom of a boat. It was ages before he came back up. I think I’ll stick to working for Tesco. Also, in the same harbour was Captain Cooks ship HMB Endeavour. There was a massive queue to go on it, so we didn’t bother. We don’t like queuing and certainly not to see and old boat.

Another dirt road to see a place called Red Rock. Took us ages to find it and when we did, weren’t no red, weren’t no rock. The only shop in the village sold car window stickers saying “Where the hell is Red Rock?”. If only we’d know that a few miles earlier!! You learn by experience they say. Apparently not.

Our next excursion was to a place called Little Italy, which we thought sounded very interesting. It turned out to be part of a Rest Area and the hole (not a spelling mistake) of Italy was shut. Little did we know how far the day was going to deteriorate?

As it was getting dark, we started looking for somewhere to stay. We got diverted off the road because of an accident. It took us an hour and twenty five minutes to get back onto the Pacific Highway. It’s a very big, open country as we found out. We were desperate to find anywhere to stay for the night. We spotted another log cabin site and were expecting a similar one to last night. It was nothing like it. We were very tired and hungry, also heavy rain and by now pitch black so after a brief viewing of the cabin, we went back to reception to reluctantly book it. The surly receptionist tried charging us for towels and bedding (so we had to make our own bed then) I don’t think so; I don’t even make ours at home!! We eventually found another motel, (Island Palms in Forster) dearer than our previous ones, but by this time, we thought, hang the expense, let’s go for the extra dollar eh!

Day 18

Continuing our trip we took a detour to the most easterly part of mainland

Sorry the pic is crap. I nearly got blown off the edge.

Australia. (Byron Bay) We had a choice of parking at the bottom of a long, very steep hill and walking up, or drive up and pay to park at the top. Guess which one we chose? There is a working lighthouse up there and nothing else. The wind was howling and there were loads of escaped flying hats. The brochure said the whales past through on their way to the mating area. Also, you are supposed to see dolphins, these brochures do tell lies don’t they?

Another Dunnie, it was ‘orrible but one daren’t “go” in the grass cos you don’t know what venomous critter is going to bite your bum.


Got to Brisbane at last. John and Marie made us feel very welcome; we all hit it off immediately which was great because we had never met Marie before. She had made a fabulous Roast Pork dinner with all the trimmings. I told her we were both vegetarians.  Her face was a picture! When I told her I was kidding, she said she would get me back for that. After a few Drinky Poos and a quick natter we felt ready for bed so retired fairly early.

If you are not bored to tears yet you can go to Australia Part Four

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