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China Part Four

PART FOUR (Finally)

Day 9.

Packed again for flight to Beijing which was delayed by one and a half hours. So four and a half hours from hotel to hotel. Another guide took us to Tian’an men Square, it was all lit up due to the Chinese annual holiday week, and they go all out to celebrate decoration and plant wise, so we went at a good time. You just can’t imagine the size of it, there is a seven lane road running along one side of it. Extremely dangerous to cross. From there, we were taken to an open air food market, very interesting. They were cooking star fish, sea horse, snake, scorpions, silk worms and cockroaches amongst other delicacies, we didn’t partake. Maybe they would have tasted nicer than some of the meals that were inflicted on us. (Another story).

Day 10.

Changed guides…again. She walked that fast I was practically running all the time. She kept shouting at me for stopping to take photos. We walked/ran for miles to see some emperor’s tomb that turned out to be buried in a big forest; it was a secret where it was. And the point was??

Next was some pot factory (Eric’s description) I found it very interesting and the most impressive thing I saw all week. There was an enormous shop belonging to that one with enormous prices. We had a nice lunch for a change.

On to the Great Wall, very, very steep. David and Mary were off like rats up a drainpipe ‘cos they do an awful lot of walking and Eric and I do an awful lot of NOT walking. We really struggled cos we were laughing so much, it was sooo steep and we realised we had to get back down. It was unfortunately extremely misty so we couldn’t see too far in front of our faces so photos didn’t turn out well at all. It was cold once we stopped hiking so we managed to barter for two fleeces for about a fiver the pair. Eric enjoyed the whole experience of “walking” the “Great Wall”, even if it was only a few hundred yards or so.

Day 11.

Our last day. (Same Guide) Ran round the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace (which isn’t really a palace but a Park) all of which had some beautiful buildings, enormous lakes and dragon boats, (including the Marble Boat). Does anyone know if the Marble Boat has ever appeared in a movie?  Trees, flowers, bridges, loads of hills and millions of steps, I must have run a half marathon that day trying to keep up with Olympic Fast Walking Tour Guide. I found it quite difficult cos I hadn’t been well for a few days. David reckons I’ve been to every toilet in Beijing and other parts of China.

Day 12.

Flew back on Air China on an antiquated Jumbo 747. I was busy being poorly but Eric said even the films were in Chinese and the food was poor so that was a long ten hours to Heathrow. We then had a three hour wait for our flight back to Manchester. A good end to the trip.

Diane got food poisoning, inflamed bowel and enteritis, so brought more back from China than we bargained for but at least it was free!! She was off work for eight days then the Doc signed her off for a further ten days, her boss wasn’t best pleased.

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