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Nile Cruise One

We hope the pictures in the gallery make up for the lack of text in this holiday.

We have put some pictures into the gallery now. Please bear with us. Thank you.

We have now put a short video onto the page showing boat boys begging on the River Nile, please see link below


April 2005.

After the success of our Rhine Cruise and all the pleasures that we enjoyed, we couldn’t wait to find another river on which to expand our floating experiences. After scouring the holiday papers and adverts, we decided that the Nile was to be our next “voyage of discovery”.

Peter, (brother in law) ran us to Manchester Airport, only to find that the flight had been put back an hour. No worries, we don’t get many delays so we felt we were due one. We stopped at Gatwick airport to pick up more passengers. It was more like a coach trip than a flight. We finally arrived at Luxor Airport to be greeted by the most rude and ignorant staff one could ever imagine. They seemed to be permanently holding out their hands expecting to be paid for something or other. WE do not mean the officials. the toilet attendants, porters etc. Worse than most countries we have been to.

After suffering that ordeal, we made our way to the boat. We were told that we had been upgraded to the Viking 3 from the Viking 2. It looked alright in the dark, but we dreaded to think what the Viking 2 was like. Our cabin seemed to be right next to the engine room. It was very noisy and smelt of diesel. What a start to our latest little escapade.

Day 2.

Here we go, after breakfast, we went to the Temple of Edfu. That was just a morning jaunt. After that, we sailed on to Kom-Ombo. We went to Kom-Ombo temple in the evening. It was quite interesting but I think it would have better in the daylight. We than sailed on to the Aswan Dam arriving shortly before midnight. During the trip, we were bombarded by boat boys who were begging. I think we were all ready for bed by then.

Day 3.

Most of us made it to the breakfast table before taking a coach to the Philae Temple by way of the Aswan dam. We were told that the temple was partially submerged when the river Nile rose because of the construction of the Aswan dam. They had to build a wall around the temple, dismantle it stone by stone and reassemble it on a nearby island. After visiting the temple on the island we headed back on the coach, stopping at a papyrus workshop and gift shop. As our regular readers will have already guessed, we didn’t buy anything. Further stops were made at the Unfinished Oberlisk and a jewelry store where again our hands remained firmly in our pockets.

Day 4.

We both had “the runs” last night so we stayed in bed nearly all day. “Pharaohs’ Revenge”. It seems strange that there are hand hygiene dispensers by the entrance to the dining room for the passengers to use, but we don’t know what precautions, if any, are being used by the staff in the galley (kitchen). There were ten tables in the dining room with ten seating places at each of them. After the first day, there was never more than half the seats taken and the general topic of conversation was who had the “runs” that day. Set sail for the cruise back towards Luxor. There were games and a fancy dress competition in the evening and I just about made it, but Diane stayed in bed. I dressed up as a woman as part of the festivities, don’t ask me why!! We moored in Edfu for the night.


We have put Nile Cruise Part Two onto the site now.

Boat Boys Begging on the River Nile

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