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Nile Cruise Two


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Day 5.

Sailed on back to Luxor where we visited the Temple of Luxor before going on to Karnak Temple.

In the afternoon, we went ashore in Luxor and did some shopping. Our main memory of Luxor is that the front along the River Nile is very smart, but if you go inland for a couple of streets, you will find squalor and depravation. Our guide told us to be very careful about taking rides is the horse drawn carriages. They promise you a cheap ride to a market on the edge of town then try to charge some extortionate price to bring you back. Other things to look out for were if buying bottled water, check that the seal isn’t broken and if buying newspapers always check the dates. Oh! And always check your change very carefully, they are very good at sleight of hand. After our evening meal on the boat, we were invited to enjoy the evening’s entertainment. A “belly dancer”. I could have done better myself (I’ve got the belly for it anyway) She wasn’t very pretty or shapely. Her performance was completely lack luster. The applause at the end of “show” was more relief that she had finished than appreciation. Never mind, at least it was a talking point for a few minutes.

Day 6.

After breakfast we were off on another, fairly busy coach trip. This time going via the Colossi of Memnon, the Temple of Hatshepsut (which is very impressive) into the Valley of Queens and then on into the Valley of the Kings. The valley of the Queens was not really very good as there was very little to see. Once we got to the Valley of the Kings, we had a fairly long walk to actually get into the valley, only to be told that they only open two tombs at any one time. Rameses I and Rameses IV. were the ones that were open while we were there. We were expecting to see giant statues and more temples. Nothing like it. A very long, hot valley with small, insignificant doorways leading down into the tombs. They were very good once we had got down there though.

After all that we had a rather lazy afternoon before being given a departure talk with all the relevant details.

Last day.

Some friends we had made on the trip and ourselves decided to do some last minute shopping in Luxor before returning to the boat in time to gather up our luggage, bid farewell to the crew and board the coach for the trip to the airport for our flight home. As with the flight out, it was an hour late leaving. Got home at 03.30am. and dived straight into bed.



Apart from the sickness that seemed to be ever present, it wasn’t a bad cruise. There were plenty of sights that were very impressive. There were lots of temples for those who were interested in that sort of thing. We enjoyed the ever changing scenery that you get with river cruising. The lush greenery on the one side and the Sahara Desert on the other. Quite a contrast. We enjoyed sailing in a Felucca and being serenaded by young lads in a variety of languages in rather precarious “boats”. What amused us were the almost derelict houses along the river banks that had carpets for roofs and  satellite dishes hung on the walls. The coach trips out were very well organized and our tour guide was very knowledgeable.

I know it’s not always fair to make comparisons, I think it is quite justified on this occasion. Both were river cruises and both were about the same price. All in all, we think that the Rhine cruise came out tops and we will say no more.

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