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Friday 19th June (Day 1)

Here is the much awaited review of our holiday in Tenerife (OK, probably not) but youre going to get it anyway!!

Not many Disasters on this week (hold your breath) some to come on other trips3MegaCam.

Our Annette and Peter have a time share on a complex and very generously treated us to our own five star apartment which was well posh. It was one of the best accommodations we have ever stayed in considering our travel experiences. It even had a roof patio!! Yeah I know, how up market is that? To add to their generosity, they treated us to the VIP Lounge at Manchester Airport which was well away from the hustle and bustle, free breakfast to boot. Great flight. On arrival at Tenerife airport, a near Disaster happened. Peter had booked a connecting mini bus to transfer us all to the complex. Of course it wasnt on the list. To carry on the same theme, when we got to the complex, there was a muddle up with our apartments. There was a danger of all four of us sharing the same accommodation, luckily, we didnt have to.


Saturday 20th June.

Got up fairly early and ate left over sandwiches from yesterdays flight. (Its the Sanderson cheapskate way of doing things). Delicious. We all went down for a game of crazy golf, which was pretty crazy and Eric won, I dont think we will ever hear the last of it. In the afternoon we went into Los Christianos and walked all the way to Las Americas, a fair old hike for my little legs. We booked a hire car for Monday to Wednesday and to be delivered to and collected from our complex (It was a Citroen C3, after a bit of haggling, we got it for 55 for the three days) Eric is convinced that it was the hire mans mothers car. (Who cares at that price?) Keeping the Sanderson way alive. Later on in the evening, we went to a BBQ in the complex. It cost 23 each, the food was delicious but there was no going back for seconds. Doh!


Sunday 21st June

Had a very lazy day. Managed another round of crazy golf. Not getting any easier. I intended to have a lovely swim in the complex pool but when I came to it, I was really scared, I did pluck up the courage to get in but didntt dare leave the sides. After a couple of drinks, we all decided to call it a day and went to bed.


Monday 22nd June.

The hire car was delivered this morning. Sure enough, it was an old woman who delivered it (The hire mans Mum). The car wasnt in the best of conditions and the A/C didntt work, but what the hell, at that money, we can all sweat a little. We drove down into Los Christianos for breakfast before driving up the coast road (Motorway), past Santa Cruz and on up to San Andres, calling off on the way to look at The 3MegaCamPyramid. Far too expensive for us so we just had a quick look round the small reception area and then carried on our way. We had a wander along the beach at San Andres secretly admiring the topless wenches flaunting themselves. Along the way, we also stopped off to have a look round Candoleria Bisilica and saw the Black Madonna. We then drove back down into Los Christianos for a very nice evening meal before going back to our apartments for the usual drinkies and nibbles.


Tuesday 23rd June.

After breakfast, we drove up the inland road past Mount Taide and on to Puerto Cruz, had a quick look round and then headed back down the west coast road to Icod to see the Dragon Tree; legend has it that it is over a thousand years old. It was a very winding road back down to the apartment with some spectacular scenery along the way. After getting changed, we headed down into town for an evening meal. It was Peters birthday so we paid for all of the meals.


Wednesday 24th June.

Last day of our car hire so we took a vote and agreed on a drive round the western coast road for a change. It made quite a change from the other way up the island. Very winding but with stunning views out over the cliffs. The road got so narrow in one of the villages, I had to pull the side mirrors in to get through We went up via Los Gigantes, Garachico along the cliff road to Icod de Los Vinos and stopped at Rambla de Castro. We had lunch there and after a brief wander round we made our way back along the same route until we got to Aguayo where we branched off inland  heading towards Chio, Tejina, Adeje and then on back to the complex. We dined in, mainly on snacks of various sorts and plenty of drinks. We played games on the television just to while away the time before bed.


Thursday 25th June.

After breakfast, we took a bus (free) down into Las Americas and wandered round the local market. We were mainly looking for a few last minute presents to bring back. After lunch we had to wait for some time 3MegaCambefore catching the free bus back up to the complex. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing table tennis, crazy golf and darts. We go mad when we start dont we!! We had a nice evening meal in the complex restaurant.


Friday 26th June.

We checked out of the resort at 10.00am but left our luggage there as we werent flying home until later in the day. Caught the free bus down into town, had breakfast and wandered aimlessly round town for a while. We actually managed a paddle in the Atlantic Ocean. Bought some more booze to take home with us before making our way back to the complex to waste more time until our taxi arrived to take us to the airport. I noticed that our hire care still hadnt been picked up. Uneventful flight home.




The complex where we stayed was comfortable, clean and fairly convenient to the tourist areas of the island. It is however rather basic. The island itself is easy to get round if you keep to the main roads and the weather is ideal, if you like it warm and sunny for most of the year. We enjoyed our week there but do not feel that there is enough variety to tempt us to go back again, at least for a while.

I will be putting pictures in the gallery soon.

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