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Tenerife 2014 (Part One)

We have been to Tenerife before with Peter and Annette. (Diane’s sister and her husband), so when they suggested a week’s holiday there again, we jumped at the invitation. Peter has a friend who owns an apartment out there and offered it to us for a very reasonable rate.

Friday 13th June.

What a stupid day/date to pick for travelling. Anyway, (not being superstitious) it was picked and we were off on our holidays for a week in Tenerife.

We all opted for an early flight (7.00 am) from Manchester so that we could get into Tenerife by lunch time and give us the rest of the day to settle in. It took us almost an hour to get through security, no idea what the holdup was. No hire cars on this trip. We again all voted to go native and travel by public transport. Buses/Taxi. It took us two buses to get from the airport to the apartment complex. It was a residential, walled complex (very secure), with very nice garden area’s and its own communal swimming pool. We dumped all our luggage and went to explore the village amenities. We were staying in a small place called La Caleta. It is further IMGA0011along the coast from Los Cristianos, very pretty and with a few restaurants/bars etc. After a quick walk along the water front, we dined and the shopped for a few essential, food, booze etc. We spent the rest of the evening working out some form of agenda for the rest of our time on the island.

Saturday 14th June.

Had a late breakfast down in the nearest restaurant (about a hundred yards from the complex). then caught a bus into Le Duque to do some shopping in the twice weekly market. We then parted company, Diane and Annette carried on a did more shopping while Peter and I made our way back to La Caleta and the Los Lagos Golf Club. We booked a tee time for Monday morning and then went onto their driving range to practice our swings. Not a bad range, very basic and somebody had made off with all the rubber tees from the driving mats. We had to improvise with bottle tops out of the trash cans and small flat pebbles. Never mind, we enjoyed ourselves.

Sunday 15th June.

Because the café is so close, we chose to go there again for our breakfast. Our choice had nothing to do with the large vodka measures they gave us!! After dining, we staggered down the road to try and book a session of Segway Riding. Of course, because it’s Sunday, the office was closed. Not to worry, we made our way down into Fanabe, which is a good local shopping area. We found a booking office open which covered most of the activities on the island. We booked for Quad Biking on Thursday morning and then the medieval night at the San Miguel Castle for Thursday evening. Annette then spotted a leaflet advertising Underwater Scooters and said that this was something she had fancied years ago. Please bear in mind that I CANNOT SWIM a stroke and have a morbid fear of drowning. I can just about bear to paddle in water up to the top of my ankles. Diane said No Way, Annette said Forget It. Peter said Count me Out. I must have had a rush of blood to the head but I said I’ll Do It!!! After some hesitation, Diane said she couldn’t let me do it on my own so she’ll join me. Diane can only swim if she can touch the bottom and reach the side of the pool. Annette then said she would have a go; she is like me and can’t swim. Peter then said he couldn’t be left out and said he was in. Peter is the only competent swimmer amongst the four of us. That was settled, we booked. (Oh heck). After a good bout of retail therapy we made our way back to the apartment for nibbles and drinks.                        Segway 1

Monday 16th June.

IMGA0048Up and out fairly early so that we can get to the golf club by 10 am. Wonderful course (Los Lagos) Only 9 holes, but every one a gem. I played rubbish but really enjoyed every minute of the round. We then went for our usual all day breakfast with drinks before going back to the Segway office to try and book a lesson. Fortunately, the office was open and we could actually go for a Discovery ride of about 30 minutes, we just had to wait a few minutes for 2 instructors to come to the office. Once we had received our basic training we were away along the footpath and out into the countryside in a mini convoy. Great fun was had by all. I would recommend it to everyone if you ever get the opportunity.

Tuesday 17th June.

Prior to going out to Tenerife, we had booked for a Bike Rafting session. This is a 22 mile bike ride down from near the top of Mount Teide to the promenade at Los Christianos. After being collected at a nearby hotel, we were taken up to our starting point in a mini bus which was pulling a trailer with all our bikes on it. It took us about an hour and a half including a quick stop for the toilets and a drink. We set off down the mountain side, its great not having to pedal. We had various stops on the way down. Sometimes for a quick break and other times just to take pictures. We stopped once for a picnic. The crew had brought a whole range of nibble and drinks. (Very Nice). At one of the stops, nobody was quite sure what happened, but as we all stopped, Peter fell of his bike. A bit of a tumble but he was OK. A couple ofIMGA0066 stops later, I did exactly the same thing. As we all stopped, I literally just fell off sideways. Only my pride was dented. Other than that, we all made it safely down to the end in Los Christianos where we were greeted with bottles of Champagne. After a ride of over 3 hours, we were all ready for that. All in all, an enjoyable day out.

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