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Tenerife 2014 Part Two

Wednesday 18th June.

Today is the day for the Underwater Scooters, or BOB Diving as it is also called. (BOB stands for Breathable Observation Bubble). We arrived at the jetty in good time for our adventure. We were told that we were waiting for a few more OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlike minded idiots to join us. We spent the time trying to work out where the changing huts were. We expected at least a hut with lockers for our valuables and towels to dry ourselves afterwards. No such luck, when the other arrived, we were all ushered to a rather scruffy looking open boat and once aboard we headed for the open waters. After about fifteen minutes we hove to and dropped anchor. (Very nautical don’t you think?) We were then given wet suits and told to put them on. Not easy in a small boat bobbing about like a cork in the waves, plus it was rather embarrassing changing in front of complete strangers. That done, it was decided that the other group would go down first. There were six of them and only six scooters. The four of us watched the six go over the side one by one and disappear under the water. What have I let us in for, I thought. Twenty minutes later, or there abouts, they started to come back up. As they got into the boat, they all said it was a great experience. Now it’s our turn!! Peter was the first to go over the side; being the only real swimmer in our group he made it look easy. Over the side, under the water and away you go! Annette was the next to go. As soon as she got in the water, she almost screamed that the water was too cold for her and she had to get back out. Diane took her turn next. I really felt for her, as her swimming experience is little better than mine and she is claustrophobic. I was very proud of her as she went under the water. Next, it was my turn, the moment I had been dreading. I couldn’t back out now (or could I?) I climbed down the ladder on the side of the boat; the water was cold, but bearable. I hung on to the ladder and called the diver to bring the scooter nearer as I couldn’t swim. He came nearer and held my other hand and said let go of the boat. At that split second, I could have cheerfully got back out of the water and said forget it, but I didn’t. I just hung on to the ladder like it was my only lifeline. The diver then shouted at me LET GO OF THE BOAT. I let go and after taking a few deep breathes I slowly sank under the water hoping to be guided into the scooters bubble by the diver. It seemed ages and I swallowed a couple of mouthfuls of the Atlantic Ocean (I had visions of ships being stranded on rocks with the amount of water I swallowed). I finally struggled into the bubble and opened my eyes. The diver was right in front of me signalling and asking if I was OK. I replied that I was! I’m sorry if all this sounds rather dramatic. I’m just telling you as it was and how I felt at the time. I now know how foolish I’ve been about water before now. Anyway, on with the tale. We spent about half an hour down there, “riding” about on our scooters, enjoying our wander about underwater and watching the fish swimming around us. Having struggled to get back out of the water, I then had the problem of trying to dry myself off and get dressed again. Don’t forget, we didn’t bring any towels. Another diver kindly let me borrow one of theirs so things turned out alright in the end. That was quite an event for all of us and a day I will never forget! Just to finish off on the aquatic theme, we called in for a Fish Spa session and had fish nibbling our feet for half an hour. Very relaxing!


Thursday 19th June.

DSCF6054Well, how can we top yesterday? We have booked two things for today. Medieval Banquet Night at the San Miguel Castle this evening but first the Quad Biking. After breakfast, we walked down to a local hotel in La Caleta to be picked up and taken out into the countryside for our quad bike experience. After all the paperwork was completed (insurance, disclaimers etc.) we were given a very brief introduction to our bikes before setting off out into the rough, barren countryside for an hour and half of rough riding. Neither Diane nor Annette had actually ridden bikes before although Diane had ridden pillion with me on a scooter in Kefalonia many years ago. Being an ex-motor bike rider myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole session. Peter and Annette seemed to like it and Diane was scared but stuck to it like a real trouper. I’m so proud of her again. Because it seemed obvious to our guide that I had ridden before, he stuck me at the back of our convoy and I had to suffer the dust storms that everybody kicked up in front of me. The guide was very good and took many pics and a few videos of us all. They then dropped us back at the hotel where they first picked us up from. Back to the apartment to clean up then down to the local café for food and drink (the drink to wash away the dust in our throats!!)

Back to the same local hotel as this morning to be picked up for the Medieval Night at the castle. We were ushered into an arena and sat at long wooden tables. We were served with soup plus bread roll and a small whole roast chicken. We had fun eating them as there was no cutlery and we had to either dip our bread roll in the soup or drink it direct from the bowl. “Very medieval”. The show itself wasn’t bad although we’ve seen better IMGA0124jousting elsewhere. A lot of noise but not much substance. Not really impressed for the money. Finally finished at about 11.00pm and after dragging our numb bums off the hard wooden seats we made our way wearily out to the car park and boarded our coach back to the hotel and the short walk to our apartment.


Friday 20th June.

Diane and I were up fairly early as we had a date with the golf course. ( Peter didn’t come this time because he was still a little sore from the tumble from the bike earlier in the week). We enjoyed ourselves. Me playing rubbish golf and Diane driving the buggy all over the course. Back to the apartment to help the clean-up ( leaving it ready for the next tenants). Down to the local café for the last all full English breakfast. Left the apartment and went into Fanabe for some last minute shopping then on to the airport for our overnight flight back. We arrived in Manchester at 2.30am and finally got home at round about 4.30am. Ahhhh to be home!!

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